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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My Morning Run Thinking about Spring Plans

This has been my morning view.  I like to think of it as refreshing.  This morning I got out for a short 3.5 mile run (27:32).  Sunday I got up to similar weather conditions and did my favorite 6.5 mile loop.  That run was the first time in a week I was able to run outside!  Sometimes when your attempting to distract your brain from one thing (like the mind numbing cold) you think about other things like what races I want to run in the Spring - when it's warm!

I have been logging a lot of miles on treadmill.  Thanks to Army son!  Now that he is at basic training, I will have to find a routine that will work for me to get in the number of miles I like to maintain. 
Once the weather moderates I will be able to take littlest with me and mileage won't be an issue...just having the energy to push the jogging stroller! 
How do you guys handle getting the miles in with kiddos?

I am looking at two marathons for this spring. 

Greenway Trail Marathon
B&A Trail Marathon

Yeah, I know I am not formally doing any offical training and I am looking at an early March race.  I never said I was the sharpest tack in the box!  I like both of these options.  Of course, there is a crazy person inside me who dreams that I could get hubbs to support the idea of me doing both
(note: that doing not racing).  If I run the 50 mile ultra this fall, these would be great for training runs.  At this point I plan on running a series of "teasers" through the spring and summer to prepare for the ultra.  Running those and a bunch of shorter (10 mile and under) races will be a lot of what I do to determine how I feel about the 50 mile ultra. 
Okay back to the spring plan.

Anyone with first hand information on either trail marathon?  Anyone running them?  I'd love to hear your thoughts on the races and opinions on running two back to back with so little offical training.  So give me your racing wisdom!  Obviously I am in need of some for considering it! 

It's not cold.  It's refreshing I tell you!  Or maybe my brain is just frozen?

Just looking forward because in the dreariness of winter we
need things to look forward to!
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  1. Beautiful pictures of your morning views and the fact that it wasn't cold....even better! I am impressed that anyone would consider to do an ultra 50 mile:) If your body is conditioned for it and you have the determination and mind set....why not...go for it!!

  2. I love your pics! As for running with kiddos, I'm on the mill plus I have a 2 hour window 3x/week when they're both in school--love that time!

  3. If you mean back to back as in Sat/Sun I would say, get SOME sort of training in. If you mean 1 sat and 1 the next sat I think you would be ok. Trails are VERY forgiving on your legs because they're soft, but they are also very hilly. Get some sort of hill training and def try to get some trail runs in.

    Heres a link to most of my posts on trail running... http://50marathonchallenge.blogspot.com/search/label/Trail%20Running . Scroll back and read forward to hear about training (just a little-- im a road racer) all the way up to running the race.

  4. Gorgeous pictures!! I can't wait for the Spring either :) 50 mile ultra...wow!

  5. Your view is breathtaking! I'm no help when it comes to trail anything - but you'll find what you are looking for. And, I love Lift Your Sole! Awesome products.

  6. A- love the photo

    B- I have my whole race year planned out!! Talk about things to look forward to.

    C- Looking forward to the give-a-way!

  7. Beautiful picture. I haven't heard anything about the races, but they look great!

  8. "Refreshing" not COLD is a good way to look at it! That's the spirit.

    Good luck deciding on the race(s).

  9. You are an amazing person - do be able to fool yourself into thinking that is "refreshing" is crazy! Good for you for getting out there!
    My only advice for a trail marathon would probably be to wear actual trail running shoes. I don't know if you have any yet, but I ran a trail half marathon last year in my reg runners and I had a really hard time. They both look really pretty - can't wait to see what you decide!

  10. Running in snow, huh? Braver than me. I'm to chicken to run in the 28deg weather we had last wkend. But you know, you gotta fit the runs in when you can.

    That give away looks like fun. can't wait.

  11. The view is beautiful, but not necessarily the best for running! Glad it was warm enough for you to take the runs outside though!

  12. oooh, can't wait for the Lift your sole giveaway!!

    And great pictures...it looks so peaceful.

  13. What beautiful pictures from your morning runs!!! I dont mind running in the snow- but it sure isnt easy!!! :) I'm ready for spring!!! I cant wait for your giveaway though! :)

  14. oh no no no don't let my example deter you. You can def do a double. My mistake... my knee was already hurting and I decided to turn my foot inward so my knee wouldn't hurt. Well running with your foot like that leads to trouble... aka ligament or tendon trouble!!! That and I couldn't feel anything on my body cause it was so cold. Take it easy, listen to your body, and you can run forever!

  15. When my son was wee and a morning napper I'd just bundle him up and head out with the jogger. My record was 16K! Now that he's bigger and less patient I can manage 5K. Not sure how I'll figure out how it will work with 2....any tips?


  16. congrats on winning the booty buster challenge! YOu rock!