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Sunday, January 31, 2010

My Trail Attempt

On Sunday I finally got outside this weekend for my long run.  This is the run I was attempting.  I say attempting not because I make a habit of giving up on the runs I set out to do but because of what I found once I got out on the trails today.
I am posting this picture only to show you a bit of the elvations.  Notice all the RED?!  Little did I know what I was in store for.  It was just so exciting to finally be out there and about to hit the trails.

See how happy and unaware I am before starting my run!

Even seeing this didn't make me have second thoughts.  I just saw all those beautiful trees!

It wasn't until I was in about a mile and a half when I realized that my pace was steadily slowing due to the increased amount of ice ALL over the trail.  There was a thin coating of snow that only made the trail more slippery.  This fact I demonstrated when I fell HARD!  Hitting my right shin, left hand and left knee!  Hello teary eyes and stars.  Ice is hard and pointy!!
I get off the trail and walked around in the woods to determine if I should continue for go home and hit the roads or treadmill.  Only 1 1/2 miles in my new shoes!  Ugh.  I have to continue.  I decided I will be more careful by running in the woods.  Continuing on the trail is NOT an option. 
It was so amazingly hard to run in the woods.  I tried to stay on the snowpack but I kept breaking through.
I must admit once I gave up the idea of "making good time" and just enjoyed being out in the beautiful scenery I really had a great time!  I stopped to take pictures mid-run only to find the cold had a negative effect on my cell phone.  So sorry on mid-run pictures.
I made it to the fire tower.  You'll have to take my word for it.  No picture.  There were amazing views.  And you'll have to again take my word for it. 
At about 6 1/2 miles I encountered the one and only person I would see while I was out there.  A very elderly gentleman driving on the trails in his pickup truck.  Bless him.  He stopped.  He backed up.  Then rolled...yes, rolled down his window to ask if I was okay.  (I didn't know I looked that bad!) 
I enjoyed the run back from the fire tower much more than the trip out.  I followed my own tracks and knew where I could step without breaking my neck.  I also took a few side trails just to see where they'd take me.  It was great fun.  I know my legs will not like me play catch up again on miles this week.  But when I wake up, I know my legs will have that "worked out so good" feeling.  Well, except the giant bruises they might actually still hurt!

So I made it.  I only ended up with 12.5 miles but
I am happy given conditions and the exreme temperatures
with that many trail miles.

I can not wait for the next opportunity to visit again.

I will have a review of my new trial shoes soon.

And come back for the February give away
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  1. YAY! What an amazing run! Great job!! Its so beautiful! Your pictures are great! I'm so excited for the Lift your Sole give away! YAY!!!

  2. Sounds like the trail might be a little friendlier in the spring - or after the ice melts. Glad you didn't hurt yourself too seriously . . . but I bet you will be sore tomorrow. Hot shower and stretch and maybe some advil.
    Take care - hey I took a picture of my shirt that I won on your blog and posted it today.

  3. Glad you had a good run! I have a trail race this weekend that is likely to look like that - so at this point I have NOT registered. Yeah, I'm not as brave as you. ;o)

    MCM Mama

  4. You're so brave hitting those trails by yourself and for bouncing back up after the tumble. I hope everything feels okay!

  5. Ok you are totally my hero after reading all that! Hardcore stamp right over here please! Rock on girl!

  6. Wow girlie, I'm glad you're okay but yikes, that was tough to read without cringing for you! What a beautiful area, let's just approach that again when there's not so much snow out there!! :). I've been thinking about you and hope you have a great week ahead of you!! Take care!!

  7. Nice job!!! It looks like it was worth it.

  8. Sounds tough! Good for you for sticking with it!

  9. trail running sounds so interesting!

  10. Glad the run worked out! You are one tough mama! Way to go!

  11. Wow...just wow! You are hardcore! Great job on finishing!

  12. SOunds TOUGH!! We have not had any snow this year. I REALLY want to find a trail, I bet I would be Slow because I am very afraid of falling and I am a total Klutz.

  13. What an exciting trek to say the least! Sorry about the fall. You are one tough mama!

  14. You are a tough mom! That was a very adventurous trek,nice one!

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