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Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Same 365 Days

As 2009 has drawn to a close and 2010 has begun, we all have been reading all the amazing things that have been accomplished.  I won't bore you with another year end recap of my journey. 
I pause to consider how we each had the same 365 days.  We each had the same 365 opportunities to amaze ourselves and inspire those around us. 
What I find so amazing is all the different things that we each have done with those days.  Noone has accomplished more or less.  No one person's journey is better or more valuable than someone else's.  Each started our journey to whatever we were as we counted down those last 10 seconds, for better or worse we chose each step we took to get there.  I have read nothing but stories of improvement and growth.  It's just the starting points that vary. 
In a recent blog, I mentioned having watched a movie, Valykrie.  In the movie Tom Cruise played German World War II Colonel Von Stauffenberg.  In one exchange when he is attempting to persuade another German officer to join in over throwing Hitler, Cruise says,
"I've already made my choice.  I'm here to help other's make theirs."
Now you are probably thinking what does that have to do with anything.  Well, for me it is often my experince that I find inspriation in odd places.  Like a movie I am watching to avoid hearing the really loud squeak of my treadmill. 
In that movie, I found what may be the only goal I actually post there.

"I've already made my choice.  I'm here to help others make theirs."

That is what I want for 2010. 
To help others be inspired, helped, motivated, finiancially supported so that they can make healthy changes in their lives and the lives of their families.

How will I do that?  I doubt I will go back to being a trainer.  But each day will provide me with opportunities to uplift,encourage and support others who need to start a journey to a healthier longer life.  And in those days, I know there will be the opportunty to amaze myself.

365 days...we all can have them!

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Maybe this should say, Shovel snow!?


  1. well said! Good luck accomplishing your goal!

    Also, I emailed you a reason and forgot to link it to my account. So when you get it, that was me!

    Happy New Year!

  2. Well daid indeed. What a great mission to bring with you into the new year. Giving back is so rewarding in so many ways.

  3. i like your goal. best wishes making it happen.

  4. Nice shirt, very fun :). Yeah, might be better off with the snow saying. haha. I'm going to try to figure out your other places to go you listed but I'm kinda challenged. Ok, gonna get on FB right now :). Have a GREAT New Year - you've been such a great support to me and I thank you from the bottom of the ole heart!! Happy 2010!

  5. Love the shirt. I just emailed you.

    I LOVED that when you posted it in a comment and so very true.. I find that I get inspiration in the funniest places too.. Wizard of Oz does it to me every time..

  6. That's an inspriational goal! Good luck in its pursuit!

  7. That was so well said!! And what an awesome goal! :)

  8. Snow? What snow?
    That is a great goal to have this year -- super post.

  9. I have read and read your post. I keep coming back - I find it very thought provoking. We each have the same 365 days and 24 hours in each of the days. The question is what do we do with it.

    I love that you want to help others . . . and let me tell you - you have already motivated me.


  10. You are absolutely right, you have already helped me, thank you! I will think about what you said when I wake up tomorrow since I will only have 361 days left in 2010. Happy New Year!

  11. Yes, I think it probably should say shovel snow!

    I plan on cross training a lot on my off days, actually - I'm going to try to do at least one spin class a week and strength training twice a week, and I take a ballet class once a week and starting sometime in the next month or so am going to take a riding class once a week. So I won't be resting on my off days! I love running but also like a little variety in my workouts, so 3 days a week running is probably a good compromise for me. :)

  12. What a great post! I am so excited to have the next 365 days to journey with you. And the favor goes both ways - let me know what I can do to make your journey better. As always, thanks for writing, posting and being a positive person. You are awesome!
    Happy New Year my friend! :)

  13. GREAT POST! Good luck with your 2010 goal.