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Friday, January 22, 2010

Mental Amazement

I know you are all just wondering how I am doing attempting to train with Hubbs working in another state and Army son; well in the Army.  So to ease your mind, I have been running really well this week since last I updated you.

Wednesday ~ I did a double day  a.m. 3.5 miles (27:09/7:45)
p.m. 6.5 miles (56:02/8:37) with the jogger

Thursday ~ Another double day a.m. 3.5 miles (27:41/7:55)
p.m. 6.5 miles (53:53/8:17) with jogger and biking sherpa

I must admit that my legs are feeling less than powerful but I know that I am getting stronger from simply pushing the jogger during my evening runs.  When I run without it I feel very light. 
Tonight I am struggling with hoping that the snow/sleet/freezing rain to continues and forces me to take a rest day.  Which I was planning for Sunday since we are going to be out of town and I can not work out a bloggie meet up with my VA friends (next time!!). 

I have 6 schedule for Friday and 12 for Saturday.  I love long runs.  They are so relaxing.  It's nice to have 12 miles to clear my mind, to create amazing works of literary genius, to present my solutions to the health care crisis to the House and Senate, to obtain a peace treaty with Al-Qaedia through eloquent dialogue and cross a dozen imaginary finish lines in first place!!

What do you mentally amaze yourself with while on your long runs?

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It's just one foot in front of the other...
or you fall down!

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  1. LOL at what you think about on your long run. I usually just write a blog post or various facebook status updates in my head.

    MCM Mama

  2. I write my blog posts in my head or sing random songs. I'm like an A.D.D. child on my long runs. "oooo shiny... look at the butterfly... what's that... I'm tired... I'm hungry"

  3. Hmmm what DO I think about? I used to do tons of visualization but I don't anymore, maybe I need to. My headband is off to you for holding everything together as well as you do with your hubbs gone.
    I've been single parenting these past 2 weeks and I've had more than enough...not that Modern Caveman is that much of a help...
    Let me know when you're passing thru the Chi-town area!

  4. I just got a One More Mile shirt in the mail yesterday. Their stuff is so cute!

  5. I don't think I've completed a long run by myself for 6 months or more... always with company, which is nice but also takes away from "reflection" time.

    My mind tends to wander quite a bit even during the shorter jaunts, but I tend to just go over things in my mind such as shopping lists, things to do at work, running/workout schedules, etc. Exciting, right?? LOL!

  6. It is nice to have a nice long run to clear the head! Nice job keeping up with the runs despite the hardship of not having the extra help with husband and Army son.

  7. I do too much thinking the rest of my life/miles. I take that time to just kind of zone...take in my surroundings..and NOT think.

  8. I'm so sporatic in thoughts on a long run. I'm obsessing over that sec/mile pace that is too slow to how beautiful the mountains are today to my knee hurts to why do I do this? I wear my iPod to distract from my own insanity ... I used to love the long run and lately, I almost dread it cuz I had some aweful long run runs and now I get too tense about making the mark. I need to start relaxing again. And btw, I finished off the last of the chocolates you sent - they were sooo yummy! Now it's time to start the sugar fast, I have been so out of control it isn't even funny! Happy weekend, Shelly!!!!!!

  9. I am also ADD on my runs- always thinking or writing out blog posts! I hate when I cannot get into a focus because I think too much about the run and don't do as well!

    Shelly, I love your slogan. I will totally vote!

  10. My thoughts are all over the place. I find if I don't run with music I think more. Sometimes I come up with grand plans from the jubilation created through the runners high. Then I get back and my grand ideas fade away.

  11. I love the one more mile shirts! :) i have a key chain and a shirt from there! totally cute