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Saturday, January 9, 2010

One, Seven, and Thirteen point one

One more day.
Tomorrow will be our last day as a household of five.

  I will miss my eldest son, now to be known as Army son, simply being here.  I took comfort in his presence within our home.  Like many teenagers he spent the majority of his time in his room or behind his computer gaming not discussing politics or social views with his mother. 
I will notice the void created by him not being here. 
Why mention this personal issue on my running blog?  If you have been a reader long or even not a reader for very long you know that my Army son is my biggest running supporter!  He encourages me to get out the door when I'm tired or the weather is less than ideal.  He watched his little brother more times than I can count so that I didn't have to push the jogging stroller.  He was a cheerleader for me while I was trying to be an example for him.  I wonder who taught whom more?  I have been blessed to be his mom.

Seven Random things about Shelly

I was tagged by Heather Here to come up with seven random things.  So here goes

1.  I won a blue ribbon for square dancing at the State Farm Show.
2.  I have never put my hands inside a turkey and never will.
3.  When I was younger I lost the ability to walk.
4. I named my children to spell my father's name.
5.  I make up words all the time and use them as if they are real.
6.  I laugh dozens of time everyday.
7.  I was tackled during a highschool football game.

Thirteen point One

Today I was in need of some mood elevation; I decided that (after reading about everyone who is going Goofy at the Disney Marathon today and tomorrow) I was going to run a half marathon today to be there virtually with those lucky enough to be able to be running.  Since life rarely allows me to participate in destination races, I will have to settle for doing them in spirit.  That is what I did. 
I imagined all the characters cheering me on as I ran!  I was holding a great pace because I was WAY out in front of all the other runners.  At least in my mind that's how it was going. 
To all those who ran the half Congratulations and Run Strong tomorrow.  I won't be running that with you but I will be thinking of you and eager to read all the great race reports! 
We will be taking Army son to Harrisburg for his processing and signing on Monday.

Welcome to all the new journey joiners!  I will make a better effort this week to make it around to say Hi!  Thanks for sharing in my little path.  Hopefully you will find some inspiration or at least a few laughs to help you along your journey.  Thanks so much for all your comments.  They really help me stay motivated!


  1. I do number 5 too!!!!!

    Thank your son from Jill in NJ...Love my freedom and thankful for all the military!

  2. My heart aches for you having to say good bye to your eldest, even if temporary. May he be safe and return home soon.
    Love the family pic!
    How cool you did a virtual 1/2!

  3. You are the only one I know that won a ribbon for square dancing....that's VERY cool, you!!! I loved sq dancing as a kid!

    I feel your agony in your words with your son's departure. You are thought of and loved daily and you need to lean on those to now support you.

    What a beautiful family picture...I instantly thought of the sock picture you had earlier and all those faces matched to those toes!


  4. I'm so sorry that you have to see your son off, but you should be SO proud of him.

    I just love your idea of running your half marathon with the Disney folks. Next best thing to being there is imagining you are :)

    You definitely came up with a great list of facts too! I especially love number 4 and 5 :)

  5. I'm going to have a similar struggle when my son goes off to college next year. already sad about it.

  6. Your fam is so pretty :) And hahaha, thats hilarious and kindaaa sucks that you got tackled!

  7. THANK YOU to your son for his sacrifice and service to our country! You must be so proud mama! :)

  8. you are such an amazing person. I love that you pictured them cheering you on and I love the fun things you shared! You have kicked some major HBBC bootie

  9. Good luck to your son. You must be so proud of him!

    I love the family photo too! :)

  10. What a cool idea to imagine yourself running some place you really want to be. I HOPE you are adjusting OK, well as OK as you can. Mommy hugs from Tall Mom :)

  11. Good luck adjusting to your son's absence. I'm sure it will be difficult.

    Nice job deciding to join in the HM in spirit! What a good idea!

  12. Hi Shelly,
    I know how it must be to have your son Seth leave for the Army. May God keep him safe! It sounds that you have a wonderful relationship with him....it is special that he is your biggest cheerleader:) Hopefully joyful memories will keep him close to your heart!! Have a great day!

  13. Tell your son he is amazing for protecting our country and our freedom!!! :::hugs:::

  14. I wish your son safe travels and a safe return home when the time comes. Strength to you and your whole family.

    Thanks for running "with" us Goofies! All the support has been incredible!

  15. Hello from one Army mom to another. My son graduated from Basic Training in April of 2009 and is now in Iraq. I know how hard it was for you to let him go!!