Daily Chatter

Saturday, January 23, 2010

1...2...3 4 a 6.2

These were on my car this morning when I got out the door in the early morning hours to go toe to toe with the element (because no one else showed up).  I took my position in the first coral feeling confident that I would be holding a strong pace. 

As usual that nervous excitement was beginning to swell inside me as the gun was raised (I start my watch) and the runners (me) took off.  I knew I was starting out too fast as I quickly pulled away from the other runners (since there weren't any). 

Knowing that I had run this course a thousand times before I quickly relaxed and fell into the steady pace; listening to my footfalls on the pavement, watching the sky brighten as the sun began to rise over the mountain, feeling the refeshing morning air on my face.

It was like no other race (because it was a training run) that I had ever experinced.  Before I knew it I could see the finish line (the end of the driveway where I started) so I sprinted with everything I had (okay, not everything I have to drive 3 hours today with 2 kiddos). 

I crossed the line greeted by the cheers of the spectators
(my daugher playing race photog, early morning birds and a few cows).

And that was my 6.2 on 1.23.

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. haha! i love the race report! glad it went well! you look great! and what a fantastic finishing time! :)

  2. It is so fun to read your posts....what a great run you had, if I could only be so speedy. Once you get your bootie out here and make me leave my Garmin at home, I will run with you and you will pull me along at neck-breaking speeds and I'll get faster :) :)! I love that pink shirt....arghhhhhhhhhhhh I gotta have it!!!!!
    Happy weekend, congrats!

  3. Ha ha, good job, congrats on your first place finish!!!

  4. LOL at your report! Great picture. Have a safe drive.

    MCM Mama

  5. Your daughter took a great pic...so cute! Loved your race report. :)

  6. Great race! You're super speedy and super cute!

  7. What beautiful snowflakes! Congrats on a great run!

  8. great race!!! keep up the good work! haha

    hope ur having a good weekend!

  9. what a great race report . . . you had me going for a moment.

    I will keep that in mind tomorrow morning on my 5 mile.

    Have a great weekend.

    ENJOY the day.

  10. Loved your fun race report! Looks like you came in way before me :)

  11. Wow,that is a great time for a 6.2!! You are a speedster..good job:)

  12. love the pic! what a great run lady! :)

  13. Great race! You are amazing and always impress me with getting out there in those crazy elements!

  14. haha that's such a neat post. Great run and what a GREAT idea to have a virtual race. Hopefully there will be more in the future... would love to participate!!!


  15. And you WON!!! LOL! I totally wanted to run the 10K on Saturday but with my long run schedule it dod not work out..

    Cementing my Blog content in my mind while running helps me pass the time. I think of the progression and repeat the events over in my head. I dont always remember everything but pretty close.