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Monday, February 1, 2010

Two Moons

My day started will a nice 3.5 (28:28) mile run to loosen up my legs after my interesting attempted trail run yesterday.  I knew I would be sore from the fall and from the different muscles I was using due to the uneven terrain.  The interesting part of the run was the nice view of the recently full wolf moon.
Then it was off to the sitter's and work for the day.

I got home after work BEFORE it got dark outside.  Score!  I love longer daylight.  I was so excited I couldn't take a decent photo to capture the beautiful sky.  It was a beautiful pink when we got home.  However, by the time I got all the gear together the sky was dark again for my evening "maybe not such a hot idea" run of 6.5 miles (57:43) pushing the jogger. 

DISCLAIMER:  The reason I would run on sore legs is due to several evening appointments this week so I am forced to move my schedule around to fit it all in.  Not because I want to hurt myself.  I may even take off work on Thursday for my long trail run.  I am excited for that!  Even though it may take me all day to do 20 miles on the trails.  I will have to run some recon to find a safer route.

Back to the interesting part of the evening run.  Aside from my snail slow pace which on the upside provided me with more time to enjoy my second visit with the nearly full moon.  
It was beautiful!

Enjoy your running week everyone.

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  1. You are super speedy with that jogger! Have an awesome day!

  2. I cant wait for longer daylight!! I am out the door by 6am and almost never home before 7pm which means all my runs during the week are inside :(

  3. What kind of jogger do you have? As you know I'm going to be needing a double soon....another question: when you use heating pads, how does that work for you?
    And trail running is the best!

  4. Pretty Moon.. I am very afraid of the dark and dont think I will do it alone ever.. You are one tough Mama!! Giveaway yippers!

  5. Great run with the jogger! And the moon has been just beautiful this week!
    Las Friday night was suppossed to be the brightest moon of the century! It was georgous!

  6. How amazing to run beneath a full moon twice in one day!

    I hope the runs helped loosen up your sore trail legs!

  7. Nice job getting the running in! Beautiful pictures!

    MCM Mama

  8. the full moon was SO beautiful the other day!!! i wished i had my camera to snap a pic just as it was rising!!! ahhhh breath taking!

  9. Hi Shelly! I'm finally making it over to your blog! What great moon pictures!