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Sunday, February 28, 2010

A new equation

Going into Casey's Virtual Marathon I was beyond confient that I would have no problem running 10 - 15 miles within 3 days time.  So I told Casey to give me whatever number of legs she needed to complete a Team.
She gave me 2 legs on Team Blues Brothers 2000.  Little did I know that I would be so happy that it was only 2!  
Friday morning we woke up to strong winds and blowing snow; white out conditions.  Although the neighboring schools were closed we had school.  So I got middle off to school and since littlest was up before dawn and conditions would not allow us to go for a run, he and I headed out for an early start to our day.
Friday a.m. run = FAIL
After work I thought no problem, I will get in 1 leg of the marathon on the treadmill since the winds were still a tad too much to stroller jogging.  BUT when I get to the sitter, I am told that littlest has the big D. 
Yep, Diarrhea.  Every parent's plan killer!
Friday p.m. run = FAIL

I tell myself I needed to back off my mileage anyway.  Trying to remain positive.
I also remind myself that single parenting it this weekend, I will have ALL the time in the world to run 10.48 measly little miles.  Right?!?

Littlest and I are up early.  We are greeted by more blowing snow.  Since he is up super early I KNOW that I can run when he takes his nap.  No problem. 
Noon = no nap
1:00 = no nap
2:00 = no nap
3,4,5,6,7,... = no nap
BUT one clingy baby
more Diarrhea.

Saturday a.m./p.m. run = FAIL

I did succeed in handling the middle getting to have a friend over all day.  I did enjoy LOADS of sungle time with the littlest.  Something that will be few and far between before I am ready.
So Saturday with the family (- Dad) = PASS

The stage was set early in the morning leaving NO room for failure:

I knew that this would be the day that I helped bring my team -

The Blues Brothers 2000 - to a victory! 
Thanks to my teammates for running their legs too!

I know I have mentioned that I am a sweater.  (No not angora or argyle.)
This is way you don't see photos when I run on the treadmill.

I went on the finish out my run with another 3 miles.  To regain a little motivation for the upcoming week. 
All it took was a little determination and Running = success!

Single parenting this weekend + bad weather/ cranky little = few runs over the weekend.
But today I added a factor of determination to change the equation!

6 days to the Greenway Trail Marathon/50k!
Pray for warm weather in Maryland to melt the snow and ice.
Although I am screwing my trail shoes tonight...just to be safe!


  1. Way to finally get it done :)I hope the littlest is feeling better!

  2. Oh my gosh - you are one determined women. You should be so proud of yourself. Sounds like there is a lot of "stuff" going around. Stay healthy.

    I will be praying for warm temp's in your neck of the woods.

  3. Yep, you and me are buying property in Mexico and next winter, look out - we're training in warmth!!! You're drive and determination are unmatched to anything; what an amazing inspiration you are to me!

    When I was first reading your blog with the littlest and the Big D, I thought you said diptheria...and I'm like, "NO WAY!!" :). But that's must my pea-brain not reading English.

    Hope you're enjoying the rest of your Sunday!!!

  4. Sometimes life gets in the way of our best-laid plans. Well done on getting your run done regardless.

  5. Good job getting your run done with all that craziness. Hope everyone is doing better now!

  6. Great job getting it done and I hope the little one is feeling better :)

  7. sending get better vibes to the littlest! great job getting your runs done, you amaze me!

  8. Great job! Way to work it in. I totally blew it and didn't do it until this afternoon, so guess it's a good thing I only had one leg and didn't let Casey down to badly.

    Hope little is feeling better by now.

  9. Hope your little guy is feeling better! Way to rock your run!

  10. you are amazing with your running. hope the little one is doing okay.

  11. you Rock!!!!Great way to get your run in!!!!!:)I am sure it wasn't easy!!!

  12. Thank heavens for the treadmill on days/weekends like that! ;)

  13. Your speed is amazing to me- you are an inspiration for me to go faster (after I am better)!

  14. You are such a great mamma! And good for you for getting those runs in! Hope the littlest is feeling better!

  15. Oh no, sorry to hear about the D. Sounds like a few rough days.

    Kudos for still putting in those miles!

    Sending melting vibes your way!!!

  16. You really did it! And on your treadmill! I am so impressed!

    So after gaining a lot of inspiration from these mommy running blogs I decided to narrow down my blog a bit. With my personal focus being running and staying healthy; and also the goal I have for my husband (shhh don't tell him) and my kids.

    You can find me at www.twelvefitfeet.blogspot.com

    Stop by . . . I'm still new to blogging so it will take some time to get it all going! :)