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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Face Only a Mother Could Love

My littlest is a climber. 
He seems to have a problem simply being at ground level.  Now this used to mean I had great biceps from holding him all the time however he has discovered that he is part spider monkey and can climb up ANYTHING. 

(DISCLAIMER:  Since I do not want to go to jail for neglecting my child pictures of him on top of the kitchen table or climbing up the open drawers to stand on the counter top will not be shown...not that those things were allowed to happen of course!)

I hope that his desire to reach new heights is a sign of things to come in his life.  As his adoring mommy I want him to reach for things just beyond his limits and achieve them!  With that in mind, I temper my response to his climbing efforts.  I try not to get frustrated when he carries his little chairs around to assist himself in getting to the top of something new.  I remember that there will be many times that I want him to figure it out on his own and be resourceful.

Begining resourceful is what I feel like I have been demonstrating the past few days.  Finding a new way to get things done.  So tonight with the snow flying again, school cancelled for tomorrow, my kiddos got another Veggie Tale-athon on the projector while mommy ran 10 miles on the treadmill. 
This week I am reaching for mileage just beyond my limits.

Do you or will you allow your children to do things that "break the rules" because you believe it is helping them learn to be ....confident, creative...? 

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  1. yes, i sometimes break the rules to let my kids be creative. as long as no one is getting hurt, it's all good! just look at the smiles and you know everything is okay.

  2. omg, my kids don't have any rules cuz they're just out of control and it's easier that way. hahaha. You're a great GREAT mom, Shelly - Don't ever think differently! I left the front door open once and my daughter crawled outside and fell off the steps and still has a scare from that. I'm surprised I wasn't thrown in jail. We still tease her when she has a lapse in brain function (she's 19...she's had many) that it was that fall when she was 9 months old....but that just makes me feel more guilty. Happy Wednesday. I have not watched the weather in a few days cuz I've been busy being sick and can't change the channel off of HGTV so I hope the snow decided to stop in your neck of the woods and move on....

  3. 10 miles on a treadmill? That's dedication!

  4. What a *cute* little monkey!!

    My youngest used to do the exact same thing. He'd climb everything and he would carry a chair around with him so he could use it to get up high. I remember climbing stuff when I was a kid, myself. :)

    I do let my kids do things that some would probably shake their heads at (for example, play outside in the rain in their flip-flops). As long as it's safe and doesn't hurt someone else, I think these types experiences are great!

  5. Depends on the rules. I don't get stressed out about bed-making on holidays but law-breaking is a definite no-no.

  6. ABSOLUTELY... just as long as they are respecting me and not in grave danger.

  7. all the time ... as long as no one is going to end up in the ER!

  8. But he look so darn cute up there! And so proud of his accomplishment!

    I won't try to answer that question... I have no idea how I'll raise my kid(s) if/when the time comes.

  9. I love that pic! No babes at the moment, but I hope that I am able to guide them while at the same time not ever holding them back.
    Happy Wednesday!

  10. considering I'm 21 and WILL NOT have little ones for a good few years still...I'm not to equipped to answer this question. My parents were never very strict with me, yet I respected their rules and for the most part, so did my brother. I think because all their rules had a meaning that was clearly explained to us, it was much more logical to follow them rather than the "because I said so" approach. And can't wait for your Bondi Order! Aren't they the best!

  11. Can't comment on the kids issue (yet) but I'm impressed with all the time you've spent on the treadmill! I can't deal with the treadmill, so if I didn't have an indoor track here for those days I'd be in dire shape for running. Thanks for stopping by and leaving your kind words!