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Friday, February 5, 2010

A Battered Brown Box

As I was attempting to work through some saddness this morning while I was squeezing in my 3.5 miles this morning.  "Squeezing in" because of the major snow storm we will be getting by noon today.  "Saddness" because my Army son has yet to get ANY of the letters that I have mailed to him.  My runs are frequently a time when I try to quiet myself enough to listen for some kind of understanding when the stress in my life seems to be more than my shoulders can bare. 

As I was focusing on my foot strike (I am actually getting very good at being a fore-foot striker!) my thoughts shifted to how much Army son had supported and encouraged me over the years with my running.  I thought about all the days he would greet me while I was still getting out of the car from work.  He would help unload the car (kids, groceries, whatever) and then encourage me to hit the road.  My mind wandered down those happier memories and found it's way to the HBBC.  You all remember that, right?  Well I had all but forgotten.  Sorry Amanda.  That just shows you that I wasn't really in it to win it as much as I was in it to keep motivated over the holidays BUT I did win it and that meant I should have gotten a package from the lovely host Amanda!  She even emailed me that it was in the mail....long ago.  How could I have forgotten?

I finished my run (26:02) and was stretching on the porch I wondered if the carrier could have put the package in one of the two totes fill with Army gear that have been living on my porch since hubbs got back from AFG. 
Sure enough there it was!!
A slightly battered brown box of happiness.

I believe that God puts things on our path EXACTLLY when we need them.  He had allowed me to forget about the HBBC and the excitement of winning until the day I needed a little bit a happiness the most.  (okay maybe not the most but I needed happiness today)  Maybe I would rather that He simply allow Army son to get my letters but I know that there is a greater reason that they have not yet been recieved.  Perhaps that reason has more to do with Army son than me.  What I know for sure is at some point I will understand the why and it will be more amazing than anything I could ever have figured out!

Back to the battered brown box of brightness.
Do you see all these goodies!  Thanks so much Amanda!  I am so excited to try it all out.  Everything from a new book to an electronic jump rope!  Loads of yummy stuff, new socks, a visor, two bags and more.  I am sure I will be posting about all the great things as I get to enjoy each one.  My daughter (the middle one) already has her eye on the sweet PINK digital key chain (like she needs a place for her keys?!?).

If I ever get that trail 20 done these will both come in handy!
One during the run and one after. 

Thanks so much Amanda!

Thank Jill!


  1. Great haul! Glad you found it! My heart aches for you missing Army son. Big hugs!

  2. That package is wonderful!!!

  3. God is awesome in EVERY WAY! Have faith... we are not always meant to understand in "our" time. But God's timing is perfect. It is kinda like God hasn't even trained for Boston but comes in 1st place without even breaking a sweat!

    Sending hugs to you!

  4. My husband works with the new recruits on post at Fort Sill (that's where I live), so he has a lot of experience with new soldiers (he also was one 11 years ago). Take my word that the first few weeks are infinitely easier than the later ones, so you're letter will probably reach him at the perfect time. I wish him the best and appreciate his service.

  5. I always think things happen for a reason. I'm glad your day turned around and I hope your son gets your letters soon! I'm sure they will make his day just like that package did for you. Have a great weekend!

  6. First, thanks so much to your son and to your family for the service to our country. We do appreciate our soldiers so much.

    It is so great when we have sad times in our lives, for a ray of sun to shine through. So glad Amanda's package arrived at the right time.


  7. I LOVE LOVE LOVE when the mail man brings me presents! It really does make my day!

    A big THANK YOU to your son for all he does for us!

  8. Nice run! My prayers are with you and your family while your son away! <3

  9. It is sooooo great that you found your package . . . things always work out.

    Praying for your son and your family.

    Life is Good

  10. I'm so sorry you're feeling sad and I do hope your son gets your letters soon. Everything happens for a reason and I'm sure it's a good reason we can't understand.

    Praying for you, your son, and your whole family. Hopefully he'll be back soon helping you out and telling you to go for your runs :)

    Have a great weekend and I hope your new wonderful package helps to cheer you up!


  11. I'm sorry to hear your son has not received your letters yet, but perhaps like you, he will receive them, just when he needs them the most. Big hug (((())))

  12. Wow, great score on the loot there lady!! Awesome! I need some of that pain relieving cream I think, my back's been bothering me again. Sorry your son hasn't gotten your letters but hopefully soon when he needs them most! Hang in there - you're such an amazing, inspiring woman!! Happy Weekend!

  13. Trust me - your son will get the letters and regardless of how late they are, he'll be happy and grateful.

    When I was in the Navy, I was getting Christmas Cards in February and March (and I was stateside!).

  14. i know your son will receive his letters at the right timing. all of your goodies look fabulous! lucky you for receiving them.

  15. Perfect timing!! What a GREAT story. did I ever tell you that i won a Giveaway from Amanda when I was a little blogger, like 5 followers.. inspired me to host giveaways so others could feel the happiness I felt when I won. I HOPE the letters make it just when he needs them

  16. Ok you got SERIOUS snow...and actually I think a run would be kind of awesome! We have to meet up some day! So glad you really did get all your goodies!

  17. Look at all those goodies!! Sounds like it was perfect timing to cheer you up. ENJOY!