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Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Sunny Sunday "Stroll"

The amazing biking sherpia and I were feeling confident as the sun shone brightly and we goofed off before heading out for my second of two long runs this weekend.  After putting in 15 treadmill miles on Saturday, I wanted to see how my legs would hold up for another 17 being tired.  In that way I could accomplish my 50k+ distance in two days.  I was hoping that completing the distance would give me some confidence about the race since I have had little ability to get out on the trails due to the weather.

We have all kinds of energy to goof around BEFORE the run!

And introducing my Nathan's fuel belt. 
I HAVE to take a water bottle to the race or they will not allow me to participate. 
Safety issues incase you get lost. 
(fills me with a warm and fuzzy feeling about how easy the trail is to read)

Biking Sherpia thinks snow is GREAT fuel! 
And she discovered she loves Blueberry Pomegranate Chomps!

We had a new pack leader for several miles.  This friendly brown dog decided to show us the way.

We also saw (and I kindly relocated) this poor little bird.  I think she bounced off a car.  I don't know if she'll make it but I put her on some hay instead of the cold snow.
We ran our 17 mile loop in reverse to see if that lessened some of the major hills.  We have them everywhere!  They are hard to avoid.  We both agreed that it was a wise choose.  Although there were several steep hills we avoided the majority of the long uphill grades and benefited from getting to take them all on the downhill side. 

When you run would you rather do short steep hills or long gradual grades?

We did it!  17 miles (2:14:32/7:55). 
So glad to be done our legs were tired!  But I feel confident that I can handle the effort that the trail run will take.
13 days and counting...


  1. great job on your 17 miless.

    i prefer longer low grade hills, but run on both.

  2. sweet 17! good job!!!

    i dont like hills.....steep or not. lol. but we all have to do them!

  3. 17 miles after doing 15 the day before...AWESOME! I think I like the shorter steep ones the best. Cause I can run up it and it be over rather than being all drawn out.

  4. Great job on the 17 following 15! I have 8 on Tuesday and 16 on Wednesday and I so wish I had a bike sherpa to keep me company! Personally, I'd rather have short and steep. I just like to get them over with.

  5. I think I like short and steep better .. but seeing as I hate hills, 'like' is a bit of a stretch.

  6. awesome job and great pictures! You are going to rock the 50K!

    I hate hills, but if I have to pick. Steep ones. They are over with faster!

  7. Awesome job on your 50K weekend! This is excellent ultra training (not that I would know, hehehe). Oh yes, very re-assuring that the race organizers expect you to get lost. Don't forget your compass. ;)

  8. Wow great Job I am impressed ta the thought of 17 miles! I like the steep hills they can just be over quickly running up hill for a half a mile would surely kill me! hehe

  9. hills=lame! i suppose short steep to get them over with quick-- but no hills at all please! you rocked 17 girl!! so speedy! cute pics too!!

  10. Very nice pace on "tired legs". Looks like a great 17 miler!

    Hmmm...thats a hard one on the hills. Gradual on a longer run I think. Short and steep on a shorter run.

  11. No need to bring water with you with all that snow around, that's one nice thing, huh!!?? So glad your biking sherpia was with ya to reel you in today for an amazing mileage week for you!! I am getting so excited for your upcoming 50K!! Have a really great week, Shelly....rest and fuel up so you are strong and ready to go come race day!!!

  12. Great job on the 17 miles!! I love your photos too!
    I like steeper hills since they are over faster. Burn hard and be done with it sooner!
    Can't wait to hear all about your 50k its coming up fast!

  13. Way to go, you so impress me with your determination.

  14. That is an awesome pace after the 15 on Saturday! You are going do great on your 50K! So excited for you! And your running sherpa is sure cute! Have a great week! :)

  15. Short hills for me! I love the the pictures!!

  16. You always blow me away with how many miles you get in and all the crazy weather and hill work you do!! Love the pics and it sounded like an interesting run!

  17. What great pics! Talk about choosing between the lesser of 2 evils! I would have to go with the long and gradual ones. :)

  18. Way to go on the 17 miles...wheww...you make it look so easy. Love the pictures...I am a picture girl and I love silly pictures too. Is that a church in the background? It looks like a picture...so pretty.

    Still can't believe you do all those miles on a treadmill the other day...great job. Wow you are fast too...your pace for your 17 miler...You are inspiring. Can't wait to hear how your race goes in a couple weeks. GREAT JOB!

  19. LOVE the pictures!! YOu are such a FAST and strong runner. Having someone to share training is the best. You are going to rock 50K