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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I should be a Nike sponsor...

...if only for the Saucony shoes on my feet!

I had a great 3.5 (27:52) wake up run this moring.  The road in my area were a bit snow/ice covered so I participated in some foot watching while I was running but it didn't slow me too much.  Tonight I am looking at 15+ on the treadmill or 6.5 with the jogging stroller. 

With so much snow on the sides of the roads I have been very hesitant to take littlest out.  If there are cars on the road there is literally NO WHERE to go to get off the road.  I could go to some even more "back" roads where there is even less traffic but they are in even worse condition.  Ugh. 

I am happy that I have the option since I really need some mileage to feel prepared for my 50k Trail Race on March 6th.  That is right around the corner!  Ekk.  I e-mailed the race director with concerns about the conditions of the trails.  This is the exchange we had.

..."Hey Shelley (I think I remember you) (is that a good thing or a bad thing that he remembers me?)

Starting with the second issue. There is a chance the race could be cancelled the park services have the final say. I think it is too early to predict that yet. Then there is the issue of trail conditions, a friend and I went out yesterday and all we could do is ‘post hole’ we got about a mile and a half in about an hour and half.

I tend to think we will be seeing snow, ice, mud and some run-able sections but who knows. It is probably best to check with the website or me the few days before the race..."..."now all you might need are snow shoes (two of my sons live in West Virginia they were supposed to get another ten inches last night.."

I said,  "...heehee. I wonder what kind of pace I could make in snowshoes. ;-)"

to which he responded.  "Based on our pace yesterday all we need is a 120 hour time limit..."

Even though I know he was joking, it does not fill me with confidence about the trail conditions.
With so little time I doubt I will get any decent trail runs in before the race day.  I know I would be doing this for fun as a lot of trails runners have the attitude of "enjoy the journey."  I like that idea.  BUT I don't like the idea of 10 hours on an unfamiliar trail in 20+" of snow and ice WITH a stream crossing. 

Time will tell. 
I will keep getting my miles and see what Mother Nature has in store. 

Anyone with experience running a trail race on really bad trails?  Creek crossings?
Any advice or suggestions? 
Any and all are welcome.

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  1. I love Saucony too!

    No experience w/trail running, but it sounds awesome!

  2. I would just adopt a good attitude (which you have) and play as you go. I almost got squashed on the road this week, so I know how you feel. Maybe some hill work on the treadmill?

  3. I haven't taken the jogging stroller out for the same reason. Can't wait for Spring.

  4. No advice. Just hope it works out for you!

  5. Adidas shoes
    Brooks Gloves
    Nike shorts
    Injinji socks
    Under Armor head gear

    I'd be a bad sponsorship...

  6. with the exception of my running skirts ... pretty much everything else I own clothing wise is Nike ... maybe they'll sponsor us both!

  7. Does the little one stay warm in the stroller in that weather? he must get very bundled up! Of course, living in FL has made me a cold weather wimp.

  8. Ugh! You have some tough obsticles in front of you! Way to go on keeping up the mileage under all that snow!
    I am sure that the race will be great - and you're right, trail running is more about the journey and surroundings than the clock - hopefully that will help you :)
    Good luck my friend, and stay safe out there!!

  9. You are WAY tougher than I am - me and trail running in the winter are not happy friends. I do have snowshoes if you need to borrow them, though :). I have no doubt you'll finish within the 120 cut off time ;). You're doing amazing, Shelly! Keep up the hard work!!!!

  10. You are a smart mama to keep the js off the icy roads.
    The one trial 1/2 I ever signed up for had a river crossing, alas it was cancelled due to flooding. Your sounds very iffy at this point.

  11. You still have a few weeks so hopefully it'll warm up around there. I'll be crossing my fingers for no snow! :)

  12. Nike freak RIGHT HERE!!! I love me some nike!! gahhhhhh :)

  13. I don't know how you do it! Running in cold, snowy weather! Impressive! I am a totally Nike girl too. In fact one of my pants has an embrodered NIKE swish and when I take them off I have an indent swish in my leg and I think its so funny....basically I could walk around with no Nike pants on and still be advertising for Nike...thats commitment!

  14. I don't have any advice for you... but I have to tell you how impressed I am that you are even doing this trail race (God willing). I like the attitude of enjoying the time out on the trail. I just hope it's nice enough out for you to enjoy AND feel like you are running a good race.

    I'm not much of a Nike lover, although I DO like my new Nike Free 5.0. Until I tried these, I had given up on Nike shoes!

  15. Hey!! I can't email from my yahoo account at work but I'll shoot you an email when I get home. Don't want you thinking I have something nasty to say or anything like that. Just nothing something I would personally do...but I'd be interested in chatting about it!

  16. I never used to be faithful to any particular brand until I started working at REI. Now, of course, I wear a ton of REI brand stuff. ;)
    In response to your comment on my blog - I give the cows respect and for some reason, they give me the same. I know it sounds crazy but I have always trusted them and so far, so good. I'm not stupid though, there are some that I give more space to than others.

  17. No trail experience...so curious to see how this all plays out. Thanks for the link