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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Muskrat Love

For this morning's run the world greeted me looking like this.  It was beautiful.  There was a light snow falling and it was completely still.  As some of you might know or be experincing there is a major snow storm to hit my area Friday through Saturday.  We should get 12 - 18 inches.  Should make for an intersting 20 mile trail run, huh?  I am taking a wait and see attitude since I could not get anyone to cover work for me so I could be off before the snow flies.  There is always a way to get it done.  I just have to be creative.

Returning to the topic of the morning run, I got to sleep in a bit since schools were delayed for 2 hours due to the snow/ice we had last night.  Sleeping in always sounds good in theory but I usually wish I had used that time instead of sleeping it away.  This morning was no exception.  I only got 3.5 of my 10 miles completed when I could have easily gotten at least 7 if not all 10 done before the middle one even had to go to school.  However, I chose to snooze.  The upside was getting to run with a bit more daylight so I got to see my new friend, the muskrat. 

We have been getting to know eachother for a week or two now.  He resides in the banks along Cove Creek near my morning out-and-back turn around.  Typically each season a muskrat colony can be seen along this area.  I was excited when I first saw him last week.  Now I look forward to getting out in the morning to see if I can be quiet enough to catch him on the creek bank.  So far I have only been able to have the camera at the ready for an action swimming shot so I will use the below photo to represent my muskrat friend.  Hum?  I suppose if my friend the muskrat is going to have repeat visits to my postings he should have a name.  Any suggestions?

This evening I religiously went through my 59 step program for getting me, littlest and middle one set for the evening run (only 59 because I didn't have to pee right before I left this time!).  I was kicking myself to not getting my miles done this morning since the weather was not nearly as nice tonight.  The temperature had dropped and the winds were picking up. 

Did you know it can snow horizontally?  It can.
I got another 6.5 completed with the littlest and made it back before either one of us got blown away.
I have a photography committee meeting tomorrow evening so I will be out early in the morning hoping for 7 but knowing some is better than none on busy days.

Make a suggestion of a name for my muskrat friend and get a bonus entry!
Be the best name (as voted by my middle one) and you could get something sweet.

Also don't miss
Oh, that isn't what she called it?  It should be!!


  1. hmmm...well do you think its a boy or a girl?

    Maybe Captain if its a boy or Tennille if its a girl (wasn't Captain and Tennille the name of the group that sang muskrat love?)

  2. I'll check out your giveaway and try to get as many entries as possible... consider this my bonus entry:

    How about calling him Spike? He (or she) looks like a Spike to me.

    What a beautiful place to run! Snow is so pretty... of course I've never lived in it so I wouldn't know how much I would like it. Regardless, you run in a beautiful place! :)

  3. The other famous "rat" has a name like Phil... my 1st grader suggested you name it: Porky, but it may be offended.

    My suggestion: Marlie (for a girl or boy)

    Way to work those miles in... and do not be too hard on yourself for sleeping in. Maybe I am biased because I did too! LOL!

  4. Ahhh, sleep is just too tempting sometimes.

    Nice job on both runs.

    Good luck fitting in that 20... hope it's not too snowy.

  5. Good on ya for getting out in the ice and cold!

    How about Miss Missoula the Muskrat? Named after one of the most highly rated marathons in the country? :)

  6. You always amaze me with getting your runs in that those conditions! Very inspirational! And sleep is very important, too - never underestimate it!
    Sorry, no luck here on the names...unless you want to call her Katie? LOL!

  7. hi! i am new to your blog and i love it! i am now one of your followers. i think his name should be "sneakers"...because you are a runner and he always sneaks around.

  8. The weather is throwing you some curveballs, but you've got a great attitude about it!

    I think Magnum is a great name for a muskrat.

  9. I should TOTALLY change the name of my Giveaway.. Hmm Morton the Muskrat.. I am going to have to be creative here.... YOu know sometimes sleeping is the RIGHT answer. Lord knows I should be doing more of it myself, maybe then I would kick this STUPID cold.

  10. how bout manny the muskrat? i think manny is hilarous. :) tell middle one that manny is the best choice ;)

  11. I had to come back and check out the muskrat hehe. I am a firm believer in giving animals human names, makes them more personal...or something lol If you think it is a boy: Reggie or a girl: Annabelle. Thats what it looks like to me :)