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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Two Two Ten GiveAway


Thanks to the wonderful folks at
I am happy to announce my February giveaway.

1. Become a follower of my little journey through running (leave a comment)
2.  Become a Facebook Fan of Lift Your Sole (leave a comment)
3.  Go to Lift Your Sole's website and tell me what item you'd buy (leave a comment)
4.  Share this link with one other person (leave a comment)
5.  Share with me 10 things that running has done for you (leave a comment)


  1. I am already a fan of Lift Your Sole on FB =)

  2. I love so much on their site! The Run Happy necklace, the Live, Love, Run necklace, the Peace Love Run Necklace...ahh i love so much! I've been entering Lift Your Sole giveaways for months now trying to win on of these little treasures. If I don't win this one I guess I will have to use some of my "poor college student" funds and go ahead and buy one =)

  3. 10 things

    1) Help me overcome my eating disorder by finding peace with exercise!
    2) Learning to trust my body's abilities
    3) Finding a wonderful way to clear my mind
    4) Because involved with Team In Training and raising over $19,000 for blood cancer research so far! I'm signed up for two more events and mentoring for one!
    5) Meeting some awesome new people!
    6) Finding awesome blogs!
    7) Finding something my dad and I love to do together
    8) Appreciating my God given abilities more
    9) Getting to run dressed as a princess in March! (Disney Princess Half)
    10) Finding some awesome giveaways! Okay so I never win anything but its always fun!

  4. Oh just to let ya know I linked to this giveaway on my blog =)

  5. I went to their website, and I love the small "run" charm. It's simple, yet beautiful!

  6. 10 Things!

    1. Gives me sanity everyday after work
    2. Gives me a sense of accomplishment
    3. Gives me goals to work toward
    4. Something that I share with my husband
    5. Takes me to new places (races)
    6. Gives me time to think and just "be"
    7. Helped me find a sense of balance where eating is concerned
    8. Makes me feel strong
    9. Keeps me calm
    10. Has inspired me to try new things and go for what I want

  7. I became a fan of Lift Your Sole on FB. I love their stuff!

  8. Already a follower of Lift your sole on FB-- LOVE their stuff!!!

  9. OOOH ok I have to pick 1 item? I want a bracelet with LOTS of items!!! I want to make a marathon bracelet with runners and 26.2's and all their motivation stuff. LOVE it!!! I hope they come to an expo I'm going to... I woudl go a little crazy.

  10. I'll go share it with LOTS of people... brb

  11. Ok shared, now 10 things... (can you tell I REALLY want to win this one??)
    1. It has kept me from being HUGE
    2. It's helped me in all the sports I've done
    3. It's helped me see 23 different states I prob never would have gone out of the way to see
    4. It's introduced me to all you wonderful bloggers
    5. It's kept me from stressing out and going postal at work and at home
    6. It's helped me with self confidence 10 fold!
    7. It's helped me to meet a LOT of runners.. .and get closer to the ones I've known.
    8. It's helped me to push other people i know into running and being healthy
    9. It has given me inspiration to set a goal for myself, which is a place I've fallen short with my career
    10. It's helped me explore my more artistic (writing) side. :)

  12. Can I have just ONE more because I REALLY LOve their stuff and would love to get something?? PLEASE?

  13. I'm also a fan on their FB page -- yahoo!

  14. I NEED the One Tough Mama Charm or Fit Woman bracelet -- they are both so me!!

  15. Running has:
    1 - Allowed me to show my children how making a healthy lifestyle for yourself is important
    2 - Allowed my husband and I to have something in common
    3 - Allowed me a "break" from my daily routine
    4 - Allowed me to reach out to other women and mothers
    5 - Allowed me to lose all of my baby weight + more
    6 - Allowed us to travel (to races) and discover new things
    7 - Allowed me to follow a "workout routine" for 4 1/2 years straight -- I never had followed one for more than a week before I discovered running
    8 - Allowed me to reconnect with old friends and make new ones through running
    9 - Has shown me time management, beyond belief
    10 - Shown me an avenue to stress relief

  16. I was the lucky winner of a LYS giveaway previously, but I love their stuff so much that I just HAVE to enter again.

    (1) I'm already a follower of your awesome blog!

  17. (2) Already a fan of LYS on Facebook

  18. (3) I already have the "run" charm which I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. I think I'd order the "26.2/Strength/Crystal" trio next time. :)

  19. I’m a FB fan of Lift Your Sole

  20. I really like their “A fit woman is a powerful woman” cuff! It is very true.

  21. Here we go...

    1. Stress relief
    2. Meeting new people
    3. Making me a more centered person
    4. Dropped the pregnancy weight
    5. Gives me some time for myself
    6. Helps me stay goal oriented
    7. Helps me be a positive role model for my kids
    8. Gives me another way to connect with my husband
    9. Gives me time to focus my mind and work through problems
    10. Helps me love my life even more

  22. HELLO!! Look who is the little Giveaway lady!! Loves it..

    Total Follower of your speedy little self.

  23. You know I follow Jill on FB because we have both commented on her daily quotes before :)

  24. (4) Linked on my post today: http://marleneontherun.blogspot.com/2010/02/road-id-giveaway.html

  25. (5) Ten Things Running Has Done for Me:
    -stronger mind
    -healthier body
    -opened my eyes to new opportunities
    -made new friends
    -embraced the blog community
    -believe in myself
    -better understanding of myself
    -more reasons to shop ;)
    -able to eat more :)
    -gives me "me" time

  26. 10 Things Running has done for me:

    1. Burned the calories to lose 50 pounds

    2. Opened a new world of friendships through Runner/blogging.

    3. Given me a great way to get FRESH air on my lunch break.

    4. Helped me to see nature and all her glory by the power of my size 10's

    5. Provided my husband and I a way to teach our kids about the value of health and fitness.

    6. Have met new people and bonded with them over the MILES.

    7. My avenue to uncover the athlete that was trying to re-surface.

    8. Taught me that I CAN run 26/2+ miles in one day.

    9. Realized that I LOVE great workout gear.

    10. Helped me to meet Shelly, a kick-butt lady in the sticks :)

  27. I went to the website and I think the small 13.1 charm would be a perfect gift for me when I finish my first half on March 14th.

  28. 1. In the beginning it was all about losing weight and running, sure as heck, helped me lose weight.
    2. It gave me a hobby. Some people scrapbook, I run.
    3. It made living in a place that I hate bearable. My husband is in the Army so we don't get to choose where we live.
    4. It has given me a constant reminder of what my body is capable of.
    5. It has been a way for me to set an example for my children to live a healthy life.
    6. In conjunction with the weight loss, running has been a tool to keep my blood pressure down, a problem I USED to have.
    7. It has given me a way to relieve stress.
    8. It has given me the opportunity to meet some really amazing people.
    9. It has given me confidence in myself again, something I didn't know I had lost until I got it back.
    10. It gave me purpose, I don't feel productive unless I'm working toward a goal and running is all about goals.

  29. running...
    1. helps clear my mind
    2. keeps me sane
    3. makes me appreciate the outdoors
    4. lets me eat what i want.
    5. has helped me meet amazing new friends
    6. try new distances.
    7. learn how to push myself
    8. learn my limits
    9. has taught me how to stick to schedule
    10. running complets me :)

  30. if i won, id get another charm to go along with my <3 to run charm... either a 13.1 or a 26.2

  31. I'm already a follower.

    MCM Mama

  32. Now I'm a fan of Lift Your Sole on Facebook.

    MCM Mama

  33. I love the Runnergirl Stick Figure. I think it would make a cute, simple necklace.

  34. 10 things that running has done for me:

    1. Relieved stress
    2. Built up the muscles in my legs
    3. Given me a way to compete/race now that I'm out of college
    4. Given me confidence that I can deal with my asthma
    5. Given me an alternative to swimming
    6. Led me to experience more of the outdoors, especially in the winter
    7. Led me to "meet" lots of great bloggers
    8. Given me a deeper understanding of my dad's love of the sport
    9. Led me to explore more of my city
    10. Given me an excuse to wear tights

  35. I shared the link!

  36. my 10 things:
    1. helped me lose weight
    2. helped me help other people with their weight loss
    3. helped me meet lots of people, ie. other runners and bloggers
    4. helped me relieve stress
    5. helped me get to know myself better
    6. helped me push myself
    7. helped me be more confident
    8. helped me realize i can do anything i set my mind to
    9. helped me find a healthy lifestyle that i will carry with me forever
    10. helped me be stronger: physically, mentally, spiritually.

  37. I'd get the charm that says 26.2 strong

  38. Running has done for me:
    1. Brought down my cholestrol
    2. Made my metabolic syndrome vanish
    3. Been a very cost effective therapist
    4. Been an avenue for meeting countless awesome friends!
    5. Is my 'me' time
    6. Caused me to become intimate with my weather station
    7. Made me a great role model to my kids
    8. Destresses me
    9. Keeps my tummy flat(ter)
    10. makes me accountable to myself

  39. I am already a follower - love your blog!

  40. I went to the website - it was hard to pick one thing but if I had to choose I'd pick the Charm Trio: Peace charm, Heart charm, Run charm

  41. 1. It makes me feel healhtier
    2. I hurt my knee playing tennis & it makes my knee feel stronger
    3. It gives me time to think & relax
    4. It has given me confidence
    5. It makes me read blogs (I learn so much from them)
    6. It makes me write my blog (I learn about myself)
    7. It makes me have goals
    8. I have met so many nice people while running races
    9. I makes me organize my time better (in rder to fit in running)
    10. It makes me feel younger!!!!!!!!

  42. i am a fan of Lift Your Sole on facebook

  43. i would love the 13.1 : Courage to start, Strength to endure, Resolve to finish charm for when I complete my first 1/2 marathon. :)

  44. You're added to my reader officially now too (it took me long enough!)

  45. I've been dreaming of a necklace that says 'run, run, run...' like my blog title. I know that the boys at the running store I work at would be very jealous.

  46. I sent the link of your blog and to LYS to my running partner - she could use a great running pick me up as she's trying to get back into it after injury.

  47. and I love the idea of 10 things that running has done for you. For me running has:

    1. Given me a job in the midst of this economic crisis!
    2. Given me confidence,
    3. and empowerment.
    4. Given me a stronger connection to existing friends.
    5. Allowed me to find a place in an amazing community in this big new city.
    6. Introduced me to wonderful people across the country.
    7. Been an outlet for my numerical obsession.
    8. Brought back my skinny jeans from the back of the closet.
    9. Provided me structure and a schedule for my every day life.
    10. Made sure that I make a trip home finally!

  48. Alrighty, Shelly...here we go :)
    I'm a follower!

  49. I am a fan of Lift Your Soul on Facebook

  50. I LOVE the tri, strength, crystal trio!!!

  51. Ok, running has:
    1. Given me a purpose
    2. Provided me with a goal to work towards
    3. Distracted me from what I can't do, and reminds me of what I can
    4. Stuck with me through injury
    5. Given me energy!
    6. Cheered me up on a blah day
    7. Made my lungs work better
    8. Given me a sense of strength
    9. Made me feel powerful and capable beyond believe
    10. Provided me with a drive to tackle new things ;)

  52. I'm already a FB Fan of Lift Your Soles!!

  53. Love the Running Girl Charm trio!! So cute!

  54. 10 Things that Running has done for me
    1. Provides me time to clear my mind and connect with God
    2. It gives me a sense of accomplishment
    3. Has boosted my confidence in my abilities.
    4. Running has helped me maintain a healthy balance in my life.
    5. Helps me satisfy my competitive drive.
    6. It has helped to spark a love for running in my boys
    7. It has made me more aware of my body and the way it works.
    8. It was the catalyst that introduced me to the Blogging world where I have connected with wonderful runners from all over the world!
    9. Has given me the boldness to encourage my friends and loved ones to start running and live a healthier lifestyle.
    10. Running has taken me farther than I thought I could ever go, faster than I ever imagined was possible!

  55. 10. enjoy life more
    9. enjoy friends more
    8. watch the sun rise
    7. enjoy our parks
    6. see the country side
    5. satisfied my shoe addiction
    4. channelled my competitiveness
    3. got me in shape
    2. Made me a be a better mom
    1. Given me time with God!

  56. Okay, this is for the muskrat name, I say Frankendoodle. I'm notorious for coming up with names that make you go WTF???

  57. I've been a follower and I'm happy that I am!

  58. I just became a fan of Lift Your Sole on Facebook.

  59. I didn't realize they sell T-shirts! I really like the long sleeved Marathon Mom shirt... so true and so funny! I also like the 13.1/Runnergirl/26.2 Charm Trio.

  60. I'm linking your giveaway on the right side of my blog... under Awesome Giveaways.

  61. Ten Things Learned:

    10. Don't drink too much coffee before a race unless you want to take potty breaks.

    9. Smile and try to look good for those guys with the big cameras at positioned at various points of a race.

    8. The running community is AWESOME!

    7. Running bounces the negative thoughts out of my head and and makes sense of the rest.

    6. It's OK to walk when I need to.

    5. Blue Port-o-Potties don't kill you... as long as you don't touch anything.

    4. There are 80 and 90 year-olds who run faster than I do. And I think that is sort of cool. Humbling, but cool.

    3. Running does not make you supermodel-thin.

    2. There are hills everywhere.

    1. I CAN!

  62. My computer crashed while compiling my 10-things last night so here goes again:
    1. it makes me a better me.
    2. i am not obese
    3. i love listening to my mind free of house-hold noises
    4. i love how my body feels so clean
    5. i get to download fun songs for my runs
    6. i get to indulge in that piece of chocolate cake now and then and not feel guilty about it
    7. i got to run the boston marathon
    8. i love how my non-running friends think i'm so amazing
    9. i love how i can show my kids that you can have good days and bad days running but you never give up
    10. i love how it clears my head and i can solve the world's problems, at least temporarily, on a good, long run

  63. You are posted on the side bar of my blog!

  64. New follower here! Glad to have found your blog :)

  65. I am already a fan of Lift Your Sole on Facebook! I love their jewelry :)

  66. I really like the marathon charms but I do like the peace love run trio charm as well.

  67. I linked this giveaway on my blog so hopefully more than one person!

  68. 1. keeps me sane while raising my 4 boys
    2. Makes me a better more mellow wife
    3. I have made many friends through running related blogs that I wouldn't have found otherwise
    4. I have improved self esteem
    5. I have long term goals
    6. I have short term goals
    7. I feel connected to the world when I am out in it running
    8. Running with shoes led to discomfort which led me to barefoot running
    9. I am very happy when I run and its more fun now barefoot
    10. I am thinner and definitely have better endurance and speed

  69. I love the:
    I do not run to add days to my life, I run to add life to my days - Cuff
    I do not run to add days to my life, I run to add life to my days - Cuff

  70. I'm a fan of Lift Your Sole on facebook. :)

  71. when does this one end?

  72. I'm following you on my blogroll!! :)

  73. I would love to buy the marathon "believe in yourself charm".

  74. 10 things running has done:
    1. Helped me lose 48lbs!
    2. Made me a happy mom!
    3. Helped me believe in myself.
    4. helped me know my strengths.
    5. It's making me happy.
    6. It's making me stong.
    7. It's giving me a routine.
    8. It's helping me inspire others.
    9. It's putting balance in my life.
    10. It shows my kids that their mom is healthy.

  75. The run runnergirl trio is super cute. I like that it just says "run" instead of a specific distance

  76. I am also a fan of Life Your Sole on facebook. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  77. i just linked back http://www.ericarunning.com/2010/02/weekend-round-up-27.html

  78. Just found you and became a follower on blogspot!

  79. 1) Boosted my self-confidence
    2) Helped me realize I can take more pain than I thought I could
    3) Balanced out eating issues
    4) Got rid of my baby weight
    5) helps with stress
    6) teaches me patience
    7) Something great I can do with my husband
    8) Teaches my girls how important exercise is
    9) Helps me prioritize
    10) Makes me glow inside and out!

  80. Love, love any of the 26.2 charms...I need to get one after I run my First Marathon in June.

  81. 1. Lose Weight
    2. Gives me my sanity back
    3. "ME" Time
    4. Makes me a better mother and wife.
    5. I love proving to myself that I can do what I thought to be impossable.
    6. You really can do many things if you set your mind to it.
    7. Love being outside in nature.
    8. Giving me a whole new subject to talk about...I love talking about running!
    9. Given me a whole new appreciation for my body!
    10. Mind over matter!

  82. I love the believe ring! It's my word for 2010!!

  83. one of their custom charms.... or the small charm that simpyl says "run"

  84. 10 things....
    1.given me more energy to play with my son
    2. given me reasons to go into sporting goods stores
    3. given me something to do with my husband that we both enjoy
    4. given me a way to work out some frustrations
    5. helped me find people to run with (i.s. - now i have friends that i've gotten running)
    6. something to do on weekends other than sitting ont he couch eating junk food
    7. goals to work towards
    8. given me some new bloggy friends
    9. boosted my self-esteem
    10. will one day shrink my bottom

  85. I would get the "fearless" ring from their website...

  86. I'm already a FB fan of LYS too....I love them!

  87. My top 10 things that running as done:
    1. Made me believe that I can do things I never thought I could do.
    2. Time for me without must-dos for the hubs and pnut
    3. Something to always strive more for.
    4. New shoes and gear to always desire
    5. New running friends to talk about fartleks, tempos, pace, and race swag with.
    6. A way to eat chocolate. (LOL)
    7. Demonstrating to my daughter how wonderful exercise feels.
    8. Honor and respect for myself.
    9. Made me believe in the power of my mind (IE mind over matter)
    10. A love of the sport.

  88. I'm pathetic...I keep checking this over and over today =)

  89. 10 things running has done for me:
    1. be a better mom
    2. stay positive
    3. stay focused
    4. pay attention to my body
    5. eat healthier
    6. spend more time outdoors
    7. appreciate my hubs for watching the kids so i can run.
    8. get great running gear.
    9. have much more energy
    10. made wonderful friends!

  90. Love the items - but especially the bracelet: I do not run to add days to my life but to add life to my days. That pretty much somes up why I run.

  91. And, I've added myself as a follower.

  92. Why do I run?

    1. so that I can eat what I want and not worry about it (unless it contains milk).
    2. to do something active that can also involve my 2 boys.
    3. to have the flexibility in times of working out.
    4. to escape from the demands of work
    5. to escape the noise that two boys can create indoors on a cold winter day.
    6. to set goals and conquer them
    7. to role model the importance of fitness and healthy lifestyles for the students I teach
    8. to have an excuse to buy more clothes
    9. to create balance in my life of family, work and personal goals (i.e. fitness)
    10. because I can