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Friday, February 26, 2010

What is Your Best Advice?

The winds were howling outside all night long creating some lovely wind chills. 
 We have white-out conditions and yet school was not delayed or cancelled. 
It felt like a morning for a donut!

Littlest decided to forget that sleeping is to occur at night so he and I got to listen to the wind for most of the night.  That will make for a difficult day at work.  I wonder if that extra sugar will help or hurt me?!?
With all the challenges last night and this morning there was no morning run for me.  I am left with the memory of getting out yesterday morning. 

Today is the first of 3 days; Febraury 26, 27 and 28th for Casey's Virtual Relay Marathon.
So I need to run 10.48 miles (2 legs). 
We are Team Blues Brothers 2000.
Tall Mom on the Run
and Me
I have stopped following my training schedule almost completely. 
I am still running more miles than my plan is calling for. 
So if I can get the weather, kiddos, time and the stars to align I won't have any problem completing the race.
Here is my question.  Knowing that I can run much FASTER on the treadmill, do I run the race miles on the treadmill to try and WIN or do I run them outside like a REAL marathon would be? 
Do I do one leg on the treadmill and one leg outside? 
What do you think I should do?

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I just order a bunch of them but with all my hair you know I need more. 
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Erica at I Run Because I Can is hosting a Gu, Brew and Chomps Giveaway.
Check it out.  Who doesn't need a little fuel along the way!


  1. Some days you just need a donut.

    You have one hardcore relay team ... I like to win, so I think you should do whatever will get you the fastest time!

  2. Check out my post today, I shared some photos just for you. :)

    Have fun with the relay. I'd do it outside, but I hate the treadmill. One and one sounds good!

  3. We're gunna kick butt! But you and Mel are alot faster than me so you might need to go as fast as possible to make up for my pace =)

  4. I would do it outside because I just really do not like the treadmill. Have fun!

  5. The relay sounds fun and oh how yummy are donuts!!! Once in a while they are totally worth it!

    I would do it on the treadmill if its an option for everyone. Nothing wrong with winning :)

  6. Ooh, I hate the dreadmill, so I'd definitely go outside...then again, I hate negative windchills too, so if it's cold AND windy I'd go with the indoor option. I say go 50/50, it can't hurt!

    And yes, it is great to have such good friends...I hope everyone is that lucky. :)

  7. good luck! that sounds fun! u guys are one awesome team!!!!

  8. hmm i like the indoor outdoor, gets me all warmed up so outside feels nice

  9. Indoor outdoor sounds like the perfect solution.

  10. I really have to applaud your diligence in training through the winter! I can't imagine those conditions.

  11. Might depend on what the weather is like. ;-)

    1 let inside and 1 leg outside sounds reasonable.

    Have fun.

  12. I'm competitive so go with whatever is going to give you the fastest distance. Good luck and have fun!

  13. i totally ate a plain donut with chocolate frosting on it yesterday. i literally had a sugar buzz and was bouncing off the walls! epic!

  14. I thought of you yesterday. I bought some donut holes for my son. When he was getting some out of the carton - I grabbed one. It tasted really good. You have to enjoy those moments when you indulge. ;-)

  15. I just read your comment on my blog so sorry it took time to get back to you!!! Advice for running in snowy icy weather: well in terms of long distances..you will get very hot once you start running so you need to keep it layers so that you can peel off as you go...I will wear microspikes but only if the entire area is icy....you can always run around the icy patches if they are few and far between and microspikes are unnerving when you are on dirt trails! Even though you are cold you will get dehydrate but just not feel thirsty posssibly so drink fluids obviously even though not thirsty...I like mitten/gloves so that I can keep my fingers touching but peel back mittens wehnI get to hot and have the tips of my fingers cool...I like sweet potatos cut up into fourths and indiviudally wrapped in tinfoil for a snack along with fig newtons and EFS in a small bottle (great liquid fuel source far better then gu. My friends Kev and Stas swear by perpetum (sp?) in a bottle diluted with coconut water and a 1/2 nuun tablet added in as well. Hope the suggestions help! Pretty much a sense of humor and not too many M&M's is really what seems to work best out there for me!! Have a BLAST