Daily Chatter

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tidbit Tuesday

I had to show off the spoils.
Thanks Casey!   
My daughter wants to steal my wrist warmer and bracelet!

We actually had a bit of sunshine yesterday.  But we also had snow showers. 
I know there will be an end to all this winterness so today I choose to be happy and think that it is all beautiful.  Because it is much pretty when it's not on my face.


  1. Wowza check out those icicles!!

  2. Nice loot! Love the horseshoe! My bracelet is the talk of the third grade!
    Beauteous pics!

  3. Those icicles do not look like they want to be messed with! I'm hoping for MAJOR meltage by the time I return east.

  4. I don't blame your daughter - the bracelet is adorable!

    Nice icicles... just don't stand under them.

  5. That is so cute- Casey is awesome!

  6. I feel for you! I am sure it's hard to stay positive under all the mounds of snow and cold! I'm sending lots of good thoughts your way wrapped in some warm sunshine :)

  7. ahhh ice! i hate when those things melt and drip on my skin! SO cOLD!