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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

How'd April Go?

Monthly Miles Ran: 272.6 (Year total: 1095.8)

Rest Days Taken: 0
The Streak: April 30th was Day # 356 of the streak ~ 2947.0 miles,

487 Runs ~ ave. 8.3 miles per day/ 58 miles per week

Highest Mileage Week: 4/04 - 4/10 (DM Weeks) 85 miles

First 50 miler! 

Retained my Master's title, fifth female, new course/distance PR by 2 minutes

Current Shame-Inducing Guilty Pleasure:
Pine nut Hummus

Non-food Current Shame-Inducing Guilty Pleasure:

 Choosing to run on the treadmill when I could get outside too often in the mornings because I am watching a movie and too lazy to run the hills.

Which Outfit did I Wear the Most:

I seem to live in this OMM shirt. 
It might have to go to the bottom of the drawer for a while just so the others all get a turn.

What We Are Watching:
With the Kiddos: Coraline

My Viewing:  Buried
This movie is not for everyone but after having my husband in AFG it gave me new appreciation for the risk he and many others are actually taking.  I thank God everyday he is home and pray for those who are not.

Funniest Kid Quote:

(We are working on potty training.)
Scene:  bathroom
I had just taken off LBM's diaper and he instantly started to pee, a lot.  I cupped my hand to try and catch it while putting him on the toilet.  He soaked.  I'm soaked.  The floor and side of the toilet will be getting disinfected.

LBM says, "I did it Mommy!  I peed in the potty!"
I guess success is all in your perceptive.

Current Triumph:

Completing my first 50 trail miler and feeling great doing it!

Current Goals

To stop making excuses.
To keep on my budget.


To cross train 3 days a week to improve my overall fitness.
To lose 20 pounds.
Current Blessing:

This day and all the ones that God gave me before it.

Current Excitement:

Family:  Having Army Son home.

Running:  I'm still pretty high from finishing my 50 miler and retaining my Master's title in my 10 miler.

Current Concern: 
Family:  Balancing Army Son's need for independance and my ability to allow him to make dumb his own choices.

Running:  What comes next?  maybe a little 77 mile run, maybe.

How did your April days add up?

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  1. LOVED this, thanks for sharing :) you rock

  2. Wowee, nice looking month! Look at thise numbers and accomplishments!

    Pssst, if pine nut hummus is your most guilty indulgence, you are doing just fine. ;)

  3. VERY nice April girlfriend! it's almost your running streakaversary....!!

  4. wowza! great month for u!

  5. Love your April!
    Our babies do make life difficult when they make dumb choices! Hopefully they learn from their mistakes without too many consequences! You sounds like a great mom!
    Love your 50-mile high! I am still enjoying my new PR and BQ! Will get my full race report done tonight!

  6. Just getting caught up!
    Awesome month! You are soooo close to 365- are you going to keep going?!
    And congrats on a great race, you are simply amazing! And a continued source of motivation and inspiration!!

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  8. Your concern is the same as mine ATM. My 22 year old is taking my superior ability to worry to a whole new level. I'm having to learn to just let go and let him learn by his own mistakes - which is hard because I think I know better. (deleted last post because I can't spell)

  9. You are crazy amazing and inspiring.

    April was my highest mileage month ever.

  10. 77 miles? That's not a typo, is it? ;) I'm in awe. :)