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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Of Course I Ran

Of course I ran every day over my wonderfully long weekend.  I could show you 28 5 different self portraits from every run but today I thought you might allow me a little mom braggin' enjoy a half dozen few photos of the ever adorable Little Bug Man.

This weekend he "graduated" from pre-pre school.
He shares his days while I am at work with a small group of children all close in age that attend a small private family childcare/preschool group.
Ms. M does a wonderul job teaching the children and modeling behavior that we as a family support.
This is he gradutation ceremony.

LBM helped his girl friend, KC.

Z His cousin, KC and LBM ready to go.

The kids did a great job with their songs. 
KC added some extra excitement with a few flashes of her skirt.

LBM was all cheers to have his name called.

His graduation book filled with photos of his days at school.

LBM telling his big sister he is "grad-um-a-eated".

Yeah for LBM!

After the program, Woodman of the World did ID card for all the kids.
The afternoon was a wonderful addition to all the fun activites over our Memorial Day weekend.
It was full of memories both new and old making our weekend a big
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  1. What a special day. :) Love the photos. Congrats to your little big boy!

  2. Hahaha! He's so adorable! :) Congrats for 'graduating'! :)

  3. Love the pics. He looks like he is ready to conquer the world.

  4. Oh my goodness, I can't get over the cuteness here...

  5. Awwww, those pictures brought back memories of my twins graduating so so so long ago. Totally tearing up over here. Congratulations to LBM... off to elementary school, how cool is that?!?

  6. He is just too adorable! Preschool graduations are the absolute best!! Congrats, running mommy.

  7. great cap and gowns!! special day!!

  8. That's so cute! Especially the pic where the girl's cap is just a little too big.

  9. Love Love Love!
    He is so cute! I love those pictures!