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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Two and a Tidbit For Tuesday ~ Support Edition

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LBM is trying to win his very own Comfy Sack!
just for being so darn cute

Hubbs and I started our day early with his PT test.  This is something the men in my life have always done and I have never taken part in.  Sunday morning however, I was able to tag along and see what my father, my husband, my uncles and my son have all been doing to prove they were maintaining Army level physical fitness.  I was a great opportunity to support Hubbs in something that he takes a lot of pride and believes in. 
He did better than he has in several years (thanks to my presence) and bettered his run time significantly.  Although his 2 mile run is not a race the competitive nature he and I share believe otherwise.  
He came in a close third, of course allowing two out ranking officers beat him for diplomacy's sake

After such a great start to our day we didn't let the frequent downpours get in the way of providing some exercise for the kids...all three of them.
Army Son whimped out due to being glued to his XBox but I'm still cutting him a bit of slack. 

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  1. Sounds like a fun way to do a fitness test!

  2. Love the family effort at the PT test training! And that the hubs makes it a competition. LB is too cute--deserves his sack!

  3. I love that diplomacy takes priority over competition :)

  4. How I love dancing in the rain! :)

    Plus, you've got my vote! Done!

  5. I love these pictures!!! so adorable!
    Voted...just for you:)

  6. Dancing in the rain.. now that's beautiful!!!(was...aka mamarunsbarefoot)

  7. The photos are awesome.
    I love rain!!

    Love playing in the rain.
    Awesome post. Awesome family time.

  8. Isnt' it great how, just being present, can push you man to great heights?! Well done, you!


  9. So fun! LBM is adorable playing in the rain.

    I've been voting for you!