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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

We interupt National Running Day

A moment of silence was held in my small hometown.
To honor a fallen friend.
Last night a nightmare can true.
I was running along on my treadmill. 
Sweat dripping. 
Watching Gulliver's Travels 8 miles into my 13 mile run when my beloved treadmill just couldn't take it anymore.

He broke.

Really broke.
I know he was old, actually about 15 years old and had many many hours on him but I just never thought this day would come.
I actually started to cry.
call me a baby
S'ghetti girl tried to remind me that it could be fixed (not) or replace.  She told me how she would help with her little brother so that I would be able to get my run in each day.  She reminded me that I actually love running outside much more than in one place.
That helped.

Although at times I dreaded running in one place tucked under the basement steps, I also took comfort in treadmill always being there.  When my work day was stressful I could hide away down there for a few minutes or a few hours and leave that stress on that belt.  I would come back to my family so much happier.  I enjoyed being able to get my long runs in without having to be away from my kids for so long.  The thought now of reliving my half marathon while pushing the jogging stroller does not sound very inviting!

I didn't boohoo for long. 
I got outside and played in the yard with the kids.  I'm sure I made up for a few of those missed 5 miles.  Once inside for the evening, I sat down and reworked my schedule.  I like things written down. 
A daily plan. 
I went to bed ready to tackle my schedule in a new day.
It's Day # 388

I believe that things happen for a reason.  I know that I have been asking for help in issues in my life and sometimes the answers we are provided are not in the form we might have chosen.  My new schedule will force my family to work together a little better than it has been and will result in more time together.
But I do need to quickly do what I haven't done for over 15 years,
buy a treadmill
So faithful followers, give me your advice. 

What treadmills do you love?
What new features do you think are a must have?
What do you think is the hidden reason why my treadmill broke or do you think it just broke?

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  1. Oh no! So sorry to hear about your treadmill but glad that you enjoyed some time with the kids. I don't have a 'mill but if I bought one it would need a TV for sure. haha

  2. I'm sorry about your treadmill. :-( I have a proform I bought from the sports authority in Feb of last year. It folds up, but I never use that feature. It has pretty great speakers and a connection for my ipod/iphone. I never use the pre-programmed workouts or the ifit card thing. I just wish it had a fan so I wouldn't have to set up the oscillating fan behind me to get a bit of a breeze!

  3. So sorry! I love how sweet your kids are reassuring you it will be okay! Precious.
    I know nothing about treadmills other than I'm not a fan of mine. Sorry. Good luck in your new treadmill search!

  4. I'm so sorry about your treadmill. I can relate after mine was flooded and then the one I borrowed would start, stop, or speed up on it's own. I'm so thankful I have my new one. Mine is okay but I'd love to have one with that fit me perfectly. I think depending on how you run and how long you run determines which one will work best for you. I'd just go and test out as many as possible. When you get on one that works, you'll know.

  5. My deepest condolences.
    As much as I don't like treadmills, I often wish I had one at home.
    Hope you can find a good replacement soon.

  6. Oh blah! I wish I had a treadmill, but I have no space for one. I will definitely look into one at some point!

  7. Oh no my deepest sympathies. RIP beloved mill. I have a pretty barebones model...don't even know the brand without going to look. But it's 10 and knock wood, has been through alot without problems. All I really need are some incline and a cup holder. I'm low maintenance.

  8. I am so sorry about your beloved treadmill! Hopefully it will turn out to be a blessing in disguise. Happy shopping and good luck getting those miles done in the meantime.

  9. My condolences! I have a Horizon treadmill (700 series, I think). My SIL has one too and she recommended it to me (she's a cc coach).

  10. Aw, sorry. I have felt your pain -- i don't think i cried, but oh, the panic! (Trying them out in stores is a great way to get your workout in until you pick which one you want! ha!) For me, the most important feature (and so difficult to find, it seems) is that i have to have a place to put a book. If i can't read, i sure can't treadmill. And even with a book i can barely stay on one...outside is sooo much better, huh!? My opinion on the HIDDEN reason it broke -- IT'S 15 YEARS OLD!!! Wow! I say you've gotten your money's worth! ;-) Good luck shopping. (I found a guy in my town who fixes and sells treadmills. He bought my broken one -for not much- and sold me a good used one. Pro form is the brand i like...)

  11. i have a life fitness and love it, my friend has a sole and loves it....good luck. i would say 15 years is a loooonnnngggg time!!!

  12. Looking forward to hearing what you end up going with and why! I'm hopefully going to be in the market for a treadmill this fall (we need to finish the basement first, which I really want to do over the summer so that I don't have to rejoin the gym come September!) and can use all kinds of advice, too.

  13. So sorry to hear about your treadmill. That is impressive that it lasted as long as did! Hope you find a new one just as reliable and for a great price!

  14. 15 years of faithful service is quite incredible. RIP!