Daily Chatter

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

Weekend wrap in in photos
because we all know some times I talk way too much!

Our weekend started Friday evening on the road to VA.
The signs were promising for a GREAT weekend.

Bright and early Saturday morning I was wondering how Virginia-ites deal with the heat!

After a Saturday afternoon of shopping and test driving
we headed to C-ville for a long lingering expensive meal at Nook on the mall.

Sunday morning brought Hubbs Father's Day 4 miler.
Given all the trash talking from his friends I am happy to say he beat them both.
not that he was worried he wouldn't

Since the kids were being watched at home we enjoyed
a fat-pill solo breakfast at Panera Bread.

Once home again the kids gave Hubbs all his Father's Day goodies.

And the general goofiness continued throughout the morning.

Back in PA, LBM and I needed to stretch our legs and get our run on. 
I think we drug some of the humidity back with us.

How better to end a great Father's Day weekend than in your pajamas?!


  1. Looks like a great weekend to me! Congrats to Hubbs!!!

  2. What a wonderful weekend you had. Congratulations to your Hubbs for running a 4 miler for Father's Day!

  3. I love that he's wearing his Speed Racer pjs for a stroller run :)