Daily Chatter

Friday, June 17, 2011

A little too much. A little too little.

 A little too much

Yesterday I was freaking out all day. 
I had chosen to not run in the morning. 
Since adding Insanity into my workout mix
and not cutting my miles
I have been tired.  I usually can over come this by getting to bed a little earlier.
However, there are times of the month when a little extra rest just isn't enough to overcome the fatigue.
I paid the price for that bit of shut eye.  I paid in stress.
The skies looked threatening throughout the day and occasionally opened up with a downpour.
Remember I still haven't replaced my beloved treadmill.
But soon Kevin.  I will get down there soon!  Thanks again!

After paying the price for giving a little too much throughout the week, LBM and I were able to squeeze in our run before the skies opened again.
We headed to the basement to do Insanity.

A little too little.

Obviously I didn't learn anything from yesterday's fatigue.  Because this morning I headed out in the amazing morning fog for a 6.5 - 7 mile run.

My pace was beyond slow.  I have muscles talking to me that I rarely hear from and the all were saying the same thing.
So I did something I rarely do because I like a plan. 
I like to stick to a plan.  I like getting from point A to point B.
This morning something in my brain reminded me that this journey is for my lifetime.  This higher level of fitness that I want is going to call for some...
of it's hard to say...
So I cut my run short.
There.  I said it.
Maybe I cut it a little too short since we will be traveling today will not be a double day. 
Today may have to be an off day from Insanity too.

So maybe 3.5 miles at a ridiculously slow pace
might have been a little too little.
I'll let you know what my muscles say about it tomorrow.

Day # 404

Have you ever given a little too much that caused you to give a little too little?


  1. You need to listen to your body sometimes or you'll just run yourself down! I know you know this, but we all need a reminder sometimes. It's hard when running (a lot) is where you get your sanity but you'll just make yourself sick or crazy or both trying to do too much. Good for you! ENJOY YOUR WEEKEND! :)

  2. Well, I might be the living example of that at this very moment. :) Gave a little too much in the last couple of months and might be paying for it now...

  3. seriously i don't know how you have added insanity without cutting your miles. that's actually how I pulled a rib muscle like 8 months ago... it was great but too much at one time for moi

  4. I love the pictures of the daisies along the fence - you should frame that one!!

    I don't now how you do it girl! I have been drained from the measly few miles I'm doing and emotionally frustrated. My PT told me to take a day off, mandatory, and that really helped. Kudos to you!!!

  5. I'm generally a slave to plans, too (hell, that's why I went to law school), but sometimes changing course is the smarter choice. Way to listen to your body and pare down the workout.