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Friday, June 24, 2011

Things I See Along My Way ~ A Nature Stop

Things I See Along My Way ~ A Nature Stop
that's not to be confused with a nature call.

To say I am a bit of a nature freak would be putting it mildly right on the money!  If you have followed me long you know that I say, "Shelly doesn't walk on the road"  meaning when I am out of a run, I am out for a run.  I don't want to stop.  I don't want to talk (to people along the way). I don't want to slow down let alone walk.  The clock is ticking.

But there are exceptions to that road rule.

Nature would be the biggest exception to my rule.

I will stop to get a close up look at bugs, flowers, weeds, cats, turtles, snakes, frog, dogs, cows, muskrats, ergrets...oh and anything baby.  Pretty much any cool living thing that can't talk to me, I'll stop to check out.

It's annoving to some around me because they have to endure the three dozen photos of all that nature when I get back...and the delay it some times causes.

But by far the coolest bit of nature I saw along my way recently, I saw sitting on the back deck in Virginia long after my run.

A baby praying mantis. 
I can't believe that in all my looking I have never seen one this little.  If it hadn't decided to check me out by running up my arm I would never have seen it.  To think we share a world with creatures that we are only luck if we see is amazing.  Our brief exchange was priceless.
I love when my routine often ordinary life can still feel amazing to me.

Do you stop for nature when you run?
Have you seen anything lately that amazed you?

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  1. There is a blue herring in my complex that sits outside on a wood post overlooking the lake. He is there every night around 6pm. I find myself looking for him at other times, but never see him. He is beautiful!