Daily Chatter

Saturday, June 18, 2011


What I Wore This Week

Saturday a.m. 8 mile run

Yeah a new top! 
It's one I won from Mondetta at MCM Mama's blog.

Sunday p.m. 7 mile run

With LBM back in the jogger on a regular basis he is working on his sorta' self portrait pose too.

Monday p.m. 6.5 mile run

And the One More Mile Green shirt streak begins...

Tuesday a.m. 3.5 mile run

Tired eyes!
Does it look like Insanity is already taking a toll?

Tuesday p.m. 6.5 mile run

You could join me at this great race and meet me in real life!
You know you want to!
Love the fit of this shirt.

Wednesday a.m 5.5 mile run

And the One More Mile green shirt streak begins...

Wednesday p.m. 6.5 mile run

It did not get washed!
And again....

Thursday p.m. 6.5 mile run

After Insanity the night before and two runs, it got washed!!
And again.

Friday a.m. 3.5 not-nearly-enough mile run
Action shot!

Let's not kid, I was tired this morning.  The plan was up at 5 so I could get my miles 6.5 - 7 done and then do my Insanity for the day.  Because I am super girl, right?
That didn't really happen.  I was sore. 
Yeah even super girl gets sore sometimes.  And tired.
So I stayed in bed just a wee-bit longer, cut my run maybe a little shorter than I actually had too, packed the car for our weekend and enjoyed not having to rush the kids through the morning routine. 

What did you wear this week?


  1. I tell myself when I don't wash my workout clothes that I am saving the planet. :)
    Take a day off. Rest. Relax. And have a great weekend.

  2. I wish I could wear a shirt twice without washing, but I would seriously stink myself out. I just read on another blog that soaking in vinegar will help with that perma-stink... need to give that a try.

    Have a great day!

  3. Aloha Marlene, thanks for the vinegar tip! I may need to give it a try.

  4. You are most definitely a MACHINE! always enjoy checking in with you to see how many miles your adding up, etc. Go Girl!

  5. I wore my black running skirt, with a grey shirt on top. I'm still trying to find a grey running shirt made out of a wicking fibre. This one is cotton, and it looks really sweaty after a run.