Daily Chatter

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Three Things Thursday - Orange Edition

Yes, S'ghetti's uniform is 2 sizes too big.  Opps.

The Mighty Oranges (Orange Crush!) have finished their season.  The summer is going by so quickly already.  And then I remember that some schools are just getting out while my kiddos are on day 15 of their summer vacation.  Congratulations S'ghetti girl on another great season.

Now that's a hand held!

Always ready to support his big sister, LBM took the opportunity at his sissy's last game to play bandit soccer and streak across the field.  At least he had his clothes on...and in the right color!

I am back to drinking diet pepsi...I know it's not good for me but...

I had to stop eating hummus. 
I seriously think I could eat a pound of pine nut hummus a day.  My favorite snack is to pair it with orange and yellow peppers.  I was eating so many of them that my finger were actually stained from cutting them all up on the weekends.  Orange you jealous?


  1. I am jealous. I love a good hummus.

    Kaden's last day of school is tomorrow. Crazy that you guys are on day 15!

  2. Wow, you guys get out early in the States. Elementary schools here aren't done until the 24th...

    Don't feel bad about the pop - you're not the only one. I keep trying to buy the Kona Cola Nuun as a replacement, but fall back to Pepsi and Cherry Coke (not even diet or zero) quite often. Definitely the thing I need to break up with the most.

  3. 15 days out of school. We don't get out until next Friday. I love, love, love, love hummus. That is my favorite go to.

  4. Day 15?! So jealous. I'm not done with school until June 28th!

  5. I'm jealous of your snack! Peppers and hummus is the best summer snack ever. We still have another week of school here. So glad that summer vacay is going well.

  6. I'm pretty sure I could live off hummus. I love it!!
    Yay team orange.
    Yay more "free" time! ;)

  7. Fifteen days! You've got a beautiful headstart. Summer Vacation will start in two weeks over here.


  8. I love LBM's jammies! :) And I think you could do a lot worse than too much hummus & peppers.

    I am currently hooked on toasted hummus and veggie sandwiches. SOOOO GOOD.