Daily Chatter

Monday, June 13, 2011

The sound of the rain...

I had two dreams
in both, I was running.

In one dream I was running for a very long time on beautiful single track trails.  The extra 15 pounds I have been working on losing wasn't holding me back, I felt fast and light with each step.  Although it was dark when I started running the sun was rising.  It was amazing.

And in the next moment I was running urban trails in the heat of the day.  I could hear traffic and people.  We crossed under an overpass and slipped onto a small trail that led us across a river filled with large stones. 

I could hear the sound of water and then familiar voices...

I slowly woke to realized that I wasn't running my 77 mile ultra that was to be the next step to my 100 mile goal.  I wasn't even running the Xterra 21k  in Richmond a race that I had a free entry to run.  But in fact, I had fallen asleep sitting on the deck in the morning light after my run in sweat-ville Virginia.  It was starting to rain and the kids were playing in the increasing downpour.

As my dreams linger in my mind, I am the tiniest bit sad that my plans didn't work out to support my dream to continue seeking a longer more adventurous challenge - that weekend.  But another day will come when things fall into place for my next step.  There is no time to be sad or regretful.  I will be ready when that race day comes but for right now there are kids who think running in the rain with mom is a pretty okay adventure.  

The perspective of children.  Priceless!

I'm off to splash in puddles. 


  1. Can't stop grinning at those photos - oh to be a kid!

    And YES your day will come!!!

  2. Aw, I am sorry your races didn't work out this weekend, but as you say - the time will work out eventually. Hopefully soon! And what could be more fun then watching those kiddos play in that fun rain!! Ahhhh, I can smell the rain right now!!!!

  3. Honey, if you lose 15 pounds, you won't have any legs left. Seriously! You look great and are running great.
    Love the rain pics. Makes me miss the years when my son was young. Thanks for some nice memories.
    Cheers and happy running,

  4. Great pics!!! I love playing in the rain when I'm on the East Coast and it's warm. Not so much here :)

  5. That last picture makes me laugh. Splashing in puddles = the perfect therapy.

  6. this is an amazing post!! i love splashing in puddles with my monkeys:)