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Friday, June 10, 2011

Gonna need some bleach

Our friend over at  Caution: Redhead Running needed a little cheering the other day so I shared a story I hadn't yet shared with all of you.
It's really not running related but it's a little something to giggle over mentally as you attempt to fill your mind with thoughts on those long runs this weekend.

As a 3x over parent it was a first for me.

This is the cuteness I'm dealing with. 
You just try and get mad at this!

We live very rurally, so potty training the little guy involves bribing him to be aware of needing to "go" by allowing him to pee off the deck. Yeah, my flowers are loving it. not. We have been doing this for awhile. Not every bathroom episode but many. In fact, he will go out on the deck himself and take his clothes off (don't all men believe they must nearly undress to urinate) and pee between the railings.

The other day he comes inside without his pants or pull up on.
Nothing new.
I am ready to praise him for not peeing in the pull up but he starts talking in his I'm-so-excited-I-can't-completely-form-my-words kind of way which always ends in "Let me show you mommy!" Of course I got up assuming it was to go see which flower he had "watered" this time.
I see his pants and pull up dropped on the deck. He is frantically telling me something that I don't understand until he yells, "Right Here Mommy."
As he stands by the railing on the opposite side of the deck from where he normally pees.
This will now be referred to and the #2 side.

He proceeded to recreate the situation for me.  He pushing his little tush through the railings, squats down and tell me how he'd "pushed it out."


Have a great weekend,
I'm off to pick up some bleach.


  1. bahahaha! too funny. have fun cleaning up!

  2. Awesome. I love the things that our kids do. He's too cute.

  3. AHHHHAHAHAHAHAH! I am busting a gut over here. Thank you for sharing. Made my day!

  4. A pride-inducing moment, no doubt! My son was very much like that when he was little. He'd pee just about anywhere.

  5. this totally made my morning - LOVE IT!

  6. I am laughing out loud right now. He is so stinking cute!!!!

  7. Oh, thank you so much. I needed that laugh this morning.
    Show him this post when he is a teen. (evil grin here)

  8. Watering and fertilizing. I see a future in agriculture.

  9. Little kids are THE BEST!!! At least he isn't avoiding going (like so many who are going through potty training do).