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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Three Things Thursday ~ The Gear Edition

Recently I won this fabulous Savvy Tank from MCM Mama HERE when she hosted a MPG Mondetta Performance Gear giveaway.  I already knew from Erika's review that the items she reviewed ran "small." 
I chose a bright coral Savvy tank in medium.  As you can see in the photo above, it is snug.  Although I don't usually like things too tight, I am wearing it quite often now that the temperatures call for cooler clothes.  It also helps remind me to push a little harder in my workouts so that I can pull it on one day and feel it get a bit looser.  It also helps remind me to keep my core engaged while I am running.

Despite the snugness this top is actually very nice.  It is very well made. 
It's color is even brighter than the photos shows.  I like that!
It is a tech material and wicks sweat very nicely.  It is doing a decent job even through my Insanity workouts.
There is a little zippered pocket on the lower back.  I haven't yet used it but I could see stashing a Gu and keys there on long runs.
So far the perma-stink factor has been non-existent.  This top washes up very well.
Thanks again to MCM Mama for a great new addition to my otherwise often repeating wardrobe.

I was the lucky recipient of a Columbia Titanium Cool Rules Short Sleeve Top in Oxide Blue.
What they say make this shirt great. 
Omni-Wick® - Advanced Evaporation
Moisture transferring technology that moves and disperses sweat away from the body for quick evaporation, keeping you comfortable during physical activity.

Omni-Shade® - Sun Protection
Omni-Shade sun protection technology helps block damaging UV rays from reaching your skin, allowing for more carefree hours in the sun.

Omni-Freeze® - Advanced Cooling
Our thermal transfer technology disperses body heat, keeping you significantly cooler in hot weather, so you can stay out longer.

I'd say what makes this shirt great is the fact that it doesn't even feel as though you are wearing it.  This shirt is seriously the lightest running top I have ever worn.  While trying it out in TN, VA and PA I was concerned about wearing even short sleeves due to the heat and humidity however, the back and sides of this top has a kind of waffle texture and I never once felt the sun beating down on my back.  It is this same texture that I would have to field test longer to make sure it would not chafe if I was wearing my camelbak for an ultra distance run.
During my short and medium length runs that I have taken it on and during my Insanity workouts this top has lived up to it's claims.  I was kept cool, relatively dry (during Insanity I believe dry is impossible) and chafe free. 


This week is week 3 of Beachbody's Insanity plus a fairly normal running schedule.  After all the hectic traveling over the past extended weekend I am beat!  Seriously jet lagged. 
Can you be jet lagged when you travel by car?
I made the decision Sunday evening when we didn't get back to PA until well after midnight that I would need to adjust my running schedule to recover not from all the workouts but from all the sitting in a car for hours on end.  The adjustments I made were to "cut out" my morning run for the past four days.  While I know that my body and mind have benefited from a little extra rest and recovery, it is often difficult for me to give up the numbers that I am used to seeing each week and month.  
June will be my lowest mileage month of 2011.  
I don't really like that fact until I look in the mirror and see the changes that fitting in cross training is accomplishing for me.  I remind myself that in ultra trail events; the events that I love to do, I will need my entire body to help carry me not just my legs.  With my sights set on the path to 100, I know that I need to change my way of thinking and get it in gear

I was provided with the Columbia shirt free of charge for me to field test in exchange for my honest review.  My experience with this product and resulting review is based on my honest opinion.  Your experience may vary.


  1. Love the clothes, especially that first tank. And well done on the x-training--definitely good for you!

  2. It sounds like lower mileage because of adding the cross training in is doing you and your body a ton of good!! Congrats for sticking to your goals and adding the cross training.

  3. OOOooo, that top is really cute. And so cute on you!! A fitting color for sure! I always think of you putting in those miles and hoping you don't get injured. I'm actually relieved to hear of the slow down in miles to get the insanity in!! Makes me smile :).

    Happy 4th weekend, girl!!

  4. Like that Columbia top! Am checking out their website as we speak! Thanks for sharing! :)

    And yay on cross training! It's actually not that bad and is supposed to help your running form. :)