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Friday, July 1, 2011

just a little pair of socks

While I was blog hopping late the other night (which is what all blogging runners do, right?) I hoped down through my ever increasing google reader list and came across Lesley at Racing It Off
She is currently hosting a CEP Compression giveaway.
This got me thinking.
I own two pair of compression socks and a pair of compression shorts.
I almost always wear my CEP Compression and not the other ones I have since I truly feel the CEP Compression is a superior product.
Those beautiful pink socks are on my feet from the moment I step out of the shower post workout until I step back into the shower the next morning.  I have worn them to work all day in the days following my ultra races.  They have been with me in VA, TN, PA and soon they will join me at the beach.  They have gone on training runs, picnics, movies and out for dinner.

It's a lot to ask out of a little pair of socks.

Maybe I put too much faith into those little socks.
But it is hard to deny results.
I have been able to run every day for the past 417 days.
I ran after a PR setting trail 50k followed by my second best PR trail 50k followed by a fabulous finish in my first trail 50 miler.  Not to mention after all the shorter races sprinkled in between.
Every day I ran.
Every evening I slip into my socks and some nights shorts too with tired legs and I wake up ready to go.
It is a burden to place on one little pair of socks.

That's why I need another pair.
CEP...I'm just sayin'


  1. I have to admit that I am new to compression socks but have heard from various bloggers about how great they are. I did some googling and there is so much information out there! Any suggestions?

    Maria @ Asphalt Tales

  2. I saw the CEP giveaway too and did fall in love with the pink socks. You may have put me over the edge and I may just need to use the discount to get me some and hope that a CEP fairy comes to me one day too. Just hoping....

  3. I'm [no joke] contacting those CEP peeps on your behalf as soon as I finish writing this.

    You. My. Friend. Are. Inspiring.
    Truly. Amazing.

  4. Shelly, you are the most inspiring runner I know and, without a doubt, you need a pair of CEP compression socks for every day of the week. I saw new colours are coming out too and I can't wait!

  5. I love my CEP socks... Especially the pink and green ones. I definitely ask a lot out of them, but they never fail me. I do believe you need another pair!!! You, my friend, are a running powerhouse... Not sure one pair can handle the pressure.

  6. I wore CEP compression sleeves for a half marathon in january. My training was not as it needed to be and I was prepared for the sore calves, but that didn't happen. I believe the CEP compression sleeves were what saved me.