Daily Chatter

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

It's Gonna Rain for Sure

Day # 441 - Sunday's run HOT

Saturday evening starting our local county fair
It's gonna rain for sure!
The kids and I will nearly live at the fair while I help out in the Senior Art Exhibits.
And just as I am nearing my racing weight the fair brings with it a tempting array of fattening foods.
With my evenings filled with fair activities I'll be relying on squeezing my workouts into the morning or a late night run.  I keep reminding myself that although my racing this summer has taken a back seat to family adventures I do still have a fall schedule of trail 50ks and maybe a little more that is fast approaching and I need to keep my training on track.

However with all the extra activity and little down time, I OVERSLEPT this morning!
Just about the worst way to start your day.
So all day I'll be running mental senerios of when I can go run. 
I pity anyone who has to deal with me today.  It won't be pretty.


  1. Sounds like one busy weekend!

    Sorry to hear that your day did not start off well - hope you don't have too much trouble squeezing in a run later. For EVERYONE's sakes. :)

  2. BBQ corn and meat on a stick. I love the fair. Enjoy!

  3. Oh so sorry you overslept; however, I can't wait to hear how you get your running in. I know you will!

    Enjoy the fair!

  4. Good luck getting that run in. Somehow, with all you've got coming up, I think you're going to need it.

  5. I love a good fair! And I have faith in your ability to make the training happen, regardless!

  6. Ohh fair food is yummy. I never doubt your ability to get a run done :)