Daily Chatter

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Who Knew Happiness was Green

It came in such a little box it's no wonder it got over looked.  Although I would have thought that I would have sensed their presence because I have been dreaming of them for so long.  Each night since we came home from vacation and I pulled on my very faithful pink CEP Compression socks to help my tired legs recover from the miles of beach and surf running, I knew I felt a little tug at my consciousness.
Last night I figured out why.
There was a little over looked box that had come in the mail.  It must have gotten set to the side when we were unpacking.  As I was rushing around preparing for my much awaited run, I noticed it and assumed it was yet another thing the kids had simply not put away.
Then my hand held it and I saw those lovely words.

CEP Intelligent Sportswear
My pink CEP Compression socks are not jealous.  They have been needing a little time away from me.  They know they will get there turn again soon.  But for now my tootsies and some beautiful snug amazingly green socks have a little bonding to do.

Nothing beats CEP Compression socks...unless maybe it's CEP's Clone.
okay a girl can dream, right?


  1. I have been dying to get a pair of those!!!

  2. I have those in pink and white but desperately want the green!

  3. where did you find the green friend? I have the pink and white, but can't find green.

  4. yeah baby!! love my green one's i wear them to races for fun

  5. sooooo happy you got them!!!
    Heaven knows you'll put them to incredible use.

  6. I am so wanting those socks - they will go great with my orange shirt!

  7. How purrrty and practical. I still haven't tried them out...someday. Meanwhile, enjoy your new color green socks.

  8. Green is my favourite colour and lime green is just gorgeous. My next car has to be lime green and I've been talking coach Chris into changing our squad singlet's stripe from pink to lime.

  9. Pink and green go nicely together. I'm just saying....