Daily Chatter

Sunday, July 3, 2011


What I Wore This Week

In a effort to change my habit of wearing the same thing day after day
and not washing it nearly enough
I bring you WIWTW to help keep me accountable.
Unlike T HERE who is being nationally accountable for her running wear!
This week might look a bit like a fail on the success chart for switching up my running wardrobe but I was reviewing the two tops and only running singles most of this week so I couldn't really keep from having the tops on for the photos.  I did however test out the top's perma-stink resistance by wearing them so much.
Both tops scored wonderfully.  No stink.  Great washability.

Sunday run in VA ~ 7.5 miles
after driving through the night back from TN

Monday p.m. run back in PA ~ 7 miles

Tuesday p.m. run ~ 7 miles

Wednesday p.m. run ~ 7 miles with the crew
Biking Sherpa's return to Insanity!

Thursday p.m. run ~ 6.5 miles

Friday a.m. run ~ 3.5 miles

I followed my evening runs with Beachbody's Insanity.  I really dislike the lower weekly mileage but I am loving the results of serious cross training.  I'm sure I'll have EMZ abs in no time.
yeah right!

Let's see it.  What did you wear this week?


  1. same shirt different hat? i do it the other way, same hat different shirts. lol

  2. I saw lots of hat variety in there! ; )

    I like your style.

  3. I was out of town for work and wore the same exact running outfit three days in a row (minus socks and underwear). If you hang it up to dry in between workouts, it's practically like new.

  4. I think you had a different running bra on :). I think I've mentioned it before but I really love that raspberry colored top, it is so pretty on you!!

  5. My clothes are all in the washing machine. My next run will have to be naked. But I'll be sure to wear a little hat.


  6. Fun! I become such a creature of habit with my clothes. But I DO need to wash after each wear of it is scary. I wouldn't subject my running buddies to that!