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Monday, June 27, 2011


What I Wore This Week
In a effort to change my habit of wearing the same thing day after day
and not washing it nearly enough
I bring you WIWTW to help keep me accountable.

Sunday ~ p.m. run 6.5 miles

Monday p.m. run ~ 7 miles + Insanity

Tuesday p.m. run ~ 6.5 holy sh** she's trying to kill me miles + Insanity

Wednesday a.m. run ~ 3.5 miles
Before the 3.5 hour drive

Thursday a.m. run ~ in VA 7.5 miles
Before the 7+ hour drive

Friday a.m. run ~ in TN 8 miles + Insanity

Saturday a.m. run ~ in TN 7.5 miles
before the 7.5 hour drive

My miles are down this weekend and I didn't get my Insanity done every day but I didn't enjoy running in different places.  I enjoyed proving to myself that I can run everyday.  I enjoyed getting to run with Biking Sherpa and Hubbs this week.  I am glad I found ways to fit purposeful exercise into my days even when I am traveling. 
I did get a bit lazy in my running-wear chooses while on mini-cation even though half of my suitcase was running gear, I'll work on that on the next trip.

How did you do on adding variety to your workout wardrobe this week?

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