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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Take Aim

Being a SAHM now I am lucky enough to spend my days with LBM.  Who is our youngest or little bug man aptly nicknamed for his love of bugs and all things nature.  I am doing my best most days to help prepare him for kindergarten.  Due to that fact this running fitness blog is often filled with photos of bugs, salamanders, rocks and plants that we find on our near daily nature walks as part of our "science" time.  Today when we were checking our container garden on the back deck to see what plants had sprouts, which ones needed watering and what little critter we might find to learn about online; LBM again mentioned the rose.  Which really isn't a rose as I have explained multiple times to him.  It really is a sole tulip that for some reason was planted within a small flowering shrub. 
Today I started to again explain that this flower was a tulip when LBM stopped me.  He started to explain how he could see the pollen and started reciting what we had just watched on an old Magic School Bus episode about pollination.  LBM told me the bees didn't know if it was a rose or a tulip, they didn't care.  He told me that nature sure did make it easy for bees.  Even though they flew around in crazy patterns instead of a straight line, he said that nature marks exactly where they should aim. 
Gee, wouldn't that be great.  If we instinctively knew exactly where to aim?!  If we could know that we would reach the desired outcome if only we hit that mark.  That sure would make life, family, training, everything easier.  The only problem is that unlike bees or nature our paths are not so perfectly aligned.  What works for one person may not work for another even if our starting and ending points are the same.  The journey between them can be quite varied. 
Whether your target is a happy family, a marathon, better health or an Olympic triathlon it doesn't matter what name you give your goals it only matters that you keep your eye on the target and an open mind to a less then straight path to get there. 

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