Daily Chatter

Monday, December 2, 2013

Construction Season

While we enjoyed our holiday time with family we got a sudden taste of winter with temperatures in the teens most mornings. 
The fridge temps did make for some beautiful scenery but they did not keep me from getting out and running with my sister.  Having a little company during a long run can help you forget how big a mistake it was to be a cheapskate and not buy the more expensive tights. 
Even once the sun was up I was glad I had on every piece of running gear I had brought with me.  And once the runs were done I enjoyed having a burning pellet stove to do all my cross training and stretching in front of. 

Four layers off and one to go, I wasn't too frozen to miss out on one exciting running event over the holiday break.  The beginning of 2014 race registration...
...and I'm in!  The road back to MMT 100 is under construction.  I think it's going to be a rocky, rooty, steep and challenging one.  So a little bit of suffering in the cold will only toughen me up.  Who knows with all the cold hilly running we are doing, my sister might just be ready to do some pacing on the trails by May.


  1. That's fun that you got to run with your sister.

    Hills and cold are not words my running is well-aquainted with, but I'm sure it does go a long way in toughening a runner up!

  2. Awesome to hear! Yes, that coldness and hills will only make you even tougher as you are pretty tough right now!