Daily Chatter

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Catherine's 8

The later start of the Catherine's 8 was a wonderful thing.  With only a hour drive, meeting at 7:45 made a much easier start to my day.  However I wish I had used my extra time to check out the temperatures.  I arrived at the 211 parking lot with plenty of time to spare but with a little less on than I would have liked for the incredibly low temps.  After rummaging through my car I finally found a hat which I hoped would help hold in a little heat through the miles.

The course was a figure 8 with a twice visited aid station in the center.  There would be plenty of climbing to allow me to enjoy the beautiful views although I didn't indulge in as many photos as I wanted to take.  I needed to keep moving to stay warm.

The course also offered far more water crossings than I had expected but they were beautiful and largely manageable without completely soaking my feet.

Catherine's Furnace

The first section left me surprised at the challenge the cold, water and climbs were dishing out.

But any run with hot soup at the aid station is top notch to me. 

The wettest section of the run was the last section after my second pass through the aid station.  I loved the turn sheet for this event.  I never had a moment of question about where I needed to be with the clear directions.  Many times I would be on familiar trail, having run it during MMT or on a training run.   
As I ran through the endless creek crossings in the low laying trail I knew that the parking lot was fast approaching.  My day in the woods was quickly coming to an end.  I knew as I finished that this will be a run I will do it again next year in the hopes that that day will greet me warmly. 



  1. Funny, I was eating hot soup after my long run, while reading your post! Your run looks and sounds wonderful :)

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