Daily Chatter

Friday, March 4, 2011

Creating a New Normal

Thats it.
I had one final run this morning of 5 easy flat miles.
Day # 299

will be my 300th day of running without a rest day.

This kind of journey isn't for everyone.  I may not be normal.  But I like to think of myself as setting a new normal.  That exercise/activity every day is simply part of taking care of our bodies.
And while I do not honestly believe I have done anything amazing, what does amaze me are the people who say they don't have time in their lives for fitness.

We all have time for what we believe to be important. 
We make time for what we know to be enriching. 
We find time for what we what to add to ourselves.

Just like a friend is someone who makes your life better, the things we choose to do with our lives should make our lives better, happier, longer, more fufilling, healthier...

I look forward to my 300th day and the opportunity it will create in my life to share with others that there really is time for the things that add to our days.  Because if we don't make the time for them we will soon find ourselves without TIME...at all.

What are you doing in your everyday life to create a new Normal?


  1. A new "normal" - I like that!

    It took years to get to the point where running/exercise is a part of every day life (and a BIG part) without feeling like it's an inconvenience or a struggle to accommodate. Now, it's just there... kind of like laundry or breakfast.

    All the best for tomorrow!!!

  2. i like the idea of everyone having their own normal!

    yay for the big race. u will do great. good luck and go kick that race's behind!

  3. I like this concept! You are amazing not because of what you are doing, but because you chose to do it. So many wouldn't.

    Good luck tomorrow! I can't wait to hear how it goes!

  4. I wish I could get running back into my normal...but hopefully soon!!

    Have a blast tomorrow!! Will be thinking of yoU!

  5. I love when people talk about how they don't have time for exercise, and yet they watch hours of tv every night. Priorities, people.

    have fun tomorrow!

  6. watching your journey has been so amazing and so inspiring and darn it what's so great about normal anyhow! :) good luck tomorrow!

  7. 300 days is amazing...i am in awe! wow! you inspire me. and you are so right about making the time. we must take the time to take care of ourselves. have a great race!

  8. 300...such dedication... Hmmmm... a new normal? I am going to have to think on that for a bit. GOOD LUCK!! I left you linky love late tonight..

  9. Good luck, good luck, good luck! Can't wait to read your race report about how your rocked the trail. And 300 days of running-that is so totally awesome.

  10. THinking of you out there this morning....I hope you are having a great time!

  11. I think we are constantly creating new normals even if we don't realize. The first time I had to do it- after my best friend died. But really, but I think we are always doing this.

  12. Nice work on the big race day--I like your goal and am inspired by you to be my best and be my normal!