Daily Chatter

Monday, March 28, 2011

A Few Happenings

We celebrated Hubb's 40th birthday.

We attempted to roller skate...

...finally figured it out...

...and then totally rocked it!

I move up to 15th on the wait list
looks like I am actually going to be doing this! EEEK

We played in the woods

We climbed to new heights

We enjoyed a few runs just for the fun of it!
Day # 323.

Sometimes non-racing weekends are the best!


  1. happy birthday to ur husband! looks liek a fun weekend.

  2. What a great weekend! Happy Birthday to the Hubbs.

    It must be so nerve-racking watching your name slowly creep up the list. I think the waiting and uncertainty would kill me!

  3. The racing weekends make the non-racing weekends that much sweeter - and vice versa!

  4. Happy birthday to your husband! It looks like you all had some fun!

  5. I LOVE your attitude and your spirit! Hope you do get to race in that race.

  6. We haven't gone roller skating with the kiddos. It sounds like a great way to celebrate your hubby's birthday!

  7. Happy birthday to your husband and I love the pics!