Daily Chatter

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Just Another Day

Streak ~ Day # 324

Today was much like any other day.
I woke up wanting more sleep but I got up any way.
wondered where I was on the BRR wait list
I woke S'ghetti girl up.
wondered where I was on the BRR wait list
I woke S'ghetti girl up again.
checked the website...I'm 13th
I woke S'ghetti girl up again.
wondered if I'd move up on the BRR wait list
S'ghetti girl caught the bus to school.
worried that I'd move up on the BRR wait list
I ran my morning miles.
imagined what running to 10+ hours would feel like
LBM and I got ready for our day.
confirmed that I was still 13th on the BRR wait list
LBM off to the sitter.
wondered if my name would move during the day
Me off to work.
saw my name move to 12th on the BRR wait list

Busied myself with the day's responsibilities at work
stalked the BRR website
I have barely had a moment to think with so much to do;
planned two possible hotel options
dealing with customers,
printed out routes from both hotels to the race start
talking with co-workers,
printed out routes from home to the hotels
balancing check books.
checked the BRR website just in case my name moved
I did take a moment to pray for those who will be running BRR 50 miler
especially those concerning dropping out
I'm only thinking of their safety
you know, maybe 13 of them


  1. This post is hilarious!!

    I would be tormenting myself like CRAZY!!!

  2. Amazing streak! I have a feeling I know what you'll be doing 5 minutes from now!

  3. Just another day...with your thoughts on many things. It doesn't look like you have any one thought dominating your mind today. Just a lot of things to do during the day keeping your mind off the BRR 50 miler.

  4. ok
    you had me with the BIG and little writing. love it.

  5. great post...and awesome running streak...you rock!

  6. Hilarious! I would love your feedback on my thoughts of running a 50K this fall. And is it weird that I can't stand the idea of running a road marathon, but a trail ultra sounds easier?

  7. Oh, I really, really hope that 12 more spots come up for you. Or perhaps 1 spot and the 11 ahead of you pass:) Either way, I hope you get there.

  8. Hahahaha! This is hilarious! ;) I'm sending "bumping 13 runners of the list" vibes your way as we speak. ;)