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Monday, November 28, 2011

Shelly Tells a Lie

Marlene at Mission to a(nother) Marathon tagged me to share 21 bits of fabulous facts about me.  I thought it might be fun to share 21 fabulous facts but have one fact be a fib. 
You know kinda life Penn and Teller Tell a Lie

Did you see that show yet? 
So I'll give you 21 tidbits and see who can be the first one to let me know which one is the fib.  There could be a little holiday reward for the first correct response.

1.  I really don't like my name, Shelly.  It rhymes with words that kids in grade school used in a mean way.  Like Shelly Jelly, Shelly Belly.  All of those things made me think I was fat even though I wasn't.  Right up until I was born I was to be Samantha.  I would have liked that better.

2.  Although I call them silly names here, my children's real names spell my daddy's name.  And my name and my husband's name begin to spell his last name.

3.  At the Tough Mudder I broke my tailbone.  It hurt like crazy bad!  It was the second time I broke my tail bone.

4.  As a child I had to endure quite of bit of humiliation due to my mother being a beautician.  There were days spent with tape in my hair, multiple perms resulting in tears before school.  Maybe that's why I just let my hair grow and then donate it.

5.  A big item on my life list is to through hike/fast pack that Appalachian Trail.

6.  I have run 13 road marathon with a goal of going sub 3:30.  The closest I have ever gotten is 3:36.  As much as I wanted to hit the goal the lure of the trails pulled me in a different direction.  Although I wonder if I could make that goal now I rarely regret the decision to leave the road in pursuit of a different kind of running.

7.  I am the middle child in a family of three girls.  Middle child syndrome exists.

8.  My grandmother used to make brown sugar frosting.  I loved it.  As an adult, I would make the frosting and not have a cake to put it on.

9.  We watch a lot of animated shows.  Having kids that span two decades helps to get the cartoon theme alive.  But to be honest, I'm only using the kids as an excuse to get to watch them. 

10.  I will routinely flip the toilet paper around if it was hung the wrong way.   Regardless of whose house I am in.  Right way:  paper over the top.

11.    I don't like "doing" my hair.  It seems like such a waste of time to me.  I usually think if I run in the morning and wash it and do it only to run again after work, way bother?  Luckily I have crazy curly hair and can usually just wash and go.  Until it is long enough to donate to someone who actually needs it.  I bet my hair is so happy to go to someone who actually with do something with it!

12.  When I am traveling by car, I do not like to stop.  I will stop for gas only if unavoidable but forget needing a potty break when traveling with me.  I want to get there and be done with the drive.  The only exception is if part of the trip is the area we are driving through.  If taking in the scenery or local attractions is part of the plan, plan to be late because I will want to stop for everything!

13.  I used to be in love with Prince.  As in the artist formerly known as.

14.  I love to cook and bake.  If I could do it all day long I think it could become a close second to my love of running.

15.  As a cheerleader in high school I was hit in a sideline tackle.  15 minutes of fame?  For years after they would show the video, yes they caught it on video, to the new players.  A kinda don't let this happen to you video about the play.  I think they should have been showing the new cheerleaders.

16.  My hometown is where I have called home my entire life.  My two sisters and I all live within a mile as the crow flies from the home we were raising in.  It truly is one of the greatest places on earth.

17.  My toes routinely suffer from lack of complete toenails. 

18.  My older sister and I are less than 2 years apart.  My mother used to dress us alike in little dresses and outfits.  I loved the attention!

19.  Being able to "suck it up" is something I pride myself in.  That is probably why ultras hold such an interest for me.  But it goes beyond running into my daily life and how I choose to do things.  That my three kids, all born without the assistance of medical intervention.  And I used to brag about it.

20.  I feel the most at peace when I am running through trees.

21.   I don't believe this life is the only one.

That's it. 
Can you figure out which one might be not quite right?
Comment with your guess.

I think everyone has been tagged with this 21 Fun Facts but if you haven't and you want to share consider yourself tagged and link back so I can be sure to share in your 21 Fun Facts.


  1. Ooooh what a fun spin! Thanks for playing, loved learing some more tidbits about you - although I found myself questioning every single one! hehe

    My guess is that #18 is your little lie. :)

    Phew, glad I am not the only one who fixes the TP roll!!! (assuming that one is true...)

  2. I love this list! I have to agree with Marlene. I think #18 is the lie. And not necessary the matching part, just you loving the attention.

  3. I'm going with number 4 as the lie - naturally curly hair and perms shouldn't go together :)

  4. I loved getting to know you better through this post!! I also love to make frosting --- cake not required!

  5. I am with T and Marlene. I can't picture that you really would want that attention, but I am really wondering if you loved Prince? hmmm.....

  6. Don't know about the lie, but if one has ever had a mischievous cat, then one knows that the "right" way to have the paper roll is "paper coming from the bottom"...that way when the cat sits on the toiled and attempts to unroll it, they just spin it.

  7. #18 is the fib....it must be! Right?

    And the Appalachian Trail? YES! ME too! When I become independently wealthy I will take my LB and home school him on the trail for the 6 months it may take to do the entire trail! Wishful thinking? Yes, yes it is....

  8. Brown sugar frosting?! You're talking my language. How do you make it?

  9. I'm just in awe of the 3:36 marathon. Unless that's the lie :)

  10. Oh Shelly.....you always make me giggle. I'm thinking that although it is true you watch a lot of cartoons, you enjoy times when you get on the treadmill and watch trash TV....so I'm going for #9.