Daily Chatter

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I am ...

...the WORST mom EVER!

At least that is how I felt when I realized I was going to miss
Character Parade at S'ghetti girl's school.
Her LAST one.
This is last year. 
See how excited she was to see me there.

This year I missed it but minutes.  Darn that big girl job!
I did put on an Oscar worthy performance to be able to see her in her costume after they had already returned to their class room.

She was Draculaura
that's the daughter of Dracula
on Monster High

LBM, Zaner and S'ghetti Girl
Only 3 "little" cousins remain...although a fourth will be added this spring!

I got back into good graces by taking the kids Trick 'or Treating.  My sister, BIL and I scurried around town with the kiddos and visiting with townie neighbors and friends. 
All the while I was secretly fretting about that run I hadn't yet taken.  It was day #540.
When we got home we managed to get everything else done that our evenings typically require
AND I jumped on the treadmill for a brief 3 mile run while the kids burned off some of the Trick 'or Treat sugar.   
My champion Eco Fleece is upper comfy!
It was a long day full of ups and downs that in the end helped me forget what I have in store this weekend.
and in typing this post I did not re-read my 2010 race report 6 times only to wonder how I'll carry my extra weight over 32+ miles
or check race day weather 3 times and change my mind about how many pairs of shoes I'll be needing for drop bags


  1. Aw, sorry that you missed the parade but glad you made it in time for a pic and a smile with your girl! Looks like fun times trick-or-treating!!

  2. Sorry you missed the parade, but it looks like everyone had fun trick or treating! The costumes are adorable!

  3. Hey Shelly! You've won something on my blog -- please check it out and send me your contact info (full name, email, mailing address). Congrats, and thanks for following my journey!!
    runningdivamom at yahoo dot com

  4. Sorry you missed e last one. If it makes you feel any better there were lots of 5th grade moms who weren't at our parade this year either. Cannot believe how time has flown. Kids are cute as ever. Glad you're back in Sghetti girl's good graces!