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Thursday, November 17, 2011

3TT ~ Other's Goals, Real Goals, Dreamland Goals

Alyssa at chocolate is my life is also running Stone Mill on Saturday.  She posted about her "non-goals" for her first 50 Miler.  I think enjoying the experience is a great way to head into the challenging task of running 50 miles.  Hop over and wish  her...not good luck because luck has nothing to do with it...but maybe a strong mind and unfailing legs!
Another friend, Kara at It's a dog lick baby world has spent the summer and fall preparing for her first 50 mile adventure.  If you haven't been lucky enough to already follow her please click over there and send her some well wishes as she takes on the mighty JFK 50 Miler this Saturday!
She posted some to me aggressive goals.  Goals I feel certain her training and the course will carry her to hit.  I have been giving my Stone Mill goals A LOT of thought.  Although I hadn't planned on setting any public goals with all the question marks surrounding this race day, I decided that nothing ventured is nothing gain. 

So here for better or worse are my Stone Mill 50 Miler
REAL Goals:
To arrive on time. To start.
To finish.  To finish feeling fine.  To finish feeling fine having fun!
My I CAN goal:
The race has a 12 hour cut off.  I feel baring any issues that would
result in my legs being removed from my body
force me to DNF 
I can finish this course within that time frame.
My I LOVE IT goal:
A new distance PR. I have run some of these trails during the Seneca Greenway 50k this spring.  I set my 50k trail PR on that section of trail.  Setting a new PR shouldn't be completely outside the realm of possibility.  Anything under 11:08:59 would do it.

My I DREAM IT goal:
10 hours and anything
Seriously with my lack of 50k+/- length training runs, the healing tailbone, the cold that won't quit and now sick kids too, if the course and day give me 10:59:59 I would be giddy with happiness.


  1. With your training a new PR is definitely in the books!

  2. Thanks for the shoutout! I think your goal is extremely attainable, even with your obstacles. Did you do a lot of 50K + training runs for your previous 50 miler?

  3. You are gonna rock this thing! Can't wait to hear all about it.

  4. Have a wonderful time at Stone Mill - I think you'll be awesome!

  5. You got this, girl!!! Will be thinking of you all day...well, only for 10 hours and anything long :).

    btw, my blog gift exchange is posted, if you are interested this year! Hope so!

  6. I think my goal time of 10:30 would be very "aggressive" on the Stone Mill course. :) However, the JFK course only has a trail PORTION and yours is all trail and stream crossing and mud and muck and fun. :)

    I can't wait to hear how you do!!

  7. You will have a great run. All the best and enjoy! I'm jealous. I need a nice trail ultra fix soon. Have a super weekend!

  8. Go out and have an amazing run. You've been so on this week, I wouldn't be shocked if your time started with a 10. Run strong! I believe in you!