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Monday, October 31, 2011

More Time. A Good or Bad Thing?

You call yourself an ultra runner?  Get out here and run!

Where were we?  Oh yeah at the end of last week I was telling you all about my goals for the Fire on the Mountain Trail 50k.  I told you how with only 3 weeks between FOTM and the Stone Mill 50 Miler I was torn about pushing for a PR at FOTM.  I guess I don't have to worry about having only 3 weeks between races now...
I have to worry about only having TWO weeks between them!
With the winter weather making a sneak attack on the area, the RD did the responsible thing and postponed the even until this coming Sunday.  Due to the race's location and remoteness the risk of injury was too great and the decision was made early Saturday. 
I won't say I wasn't disappointed because I was and still am
The risk was not worth it and I am glad no one was injured in an already challenging event.
It didn't snow enough to keep us from celebrating my FIL birthday

In an effort to quickly get my mind around the reality of my new time line I'll list the PROS and CONs while you enjoy a few snap shots of what we did get to do this weekend instead of race.
1/3 of the way done with an imaginary FOTM

I will able to try out some sweet new tights that just arrived and they may make the cut for race day.
My very painful tail bone will have another week to heal.
I was able to walk easily this morning.
My husband didn't have to deal with getting to the finish line in time with the kids.
I got to join the family for all our Sunday activities.
No one was injured getting to the event or on the course due to the bad weather.
I had an extra week of lower mileage which is hard for me to do

Oh yeah, No Upper Body Strength Shelly will help you

I was mentally ready to run that race.
I needed the "time on my feet" to help prepare for the Stone Mill 50.
Only 2 weeks between ultra races.
The new date will mean the super secret spy won't be able to be home.
I will have to arrange for kid care during the event.
No one will be able to be at the finish line or along the race to cheer.
The trails will be a sloppy mess after all this snow melts during the week of fore casted 50 degree weather.
The 12 - 15 creek crossings will be more like 22 - 25.
I'll probably have to run with my yaktraxs on and then remove them for the logging road sections and then put them back on.  pain in butt
I reduced my mileage last week for nothing (I'm a mileage whore)
But Mom, you wanted to a reason to run

As you can see I'm a bit on the negative side of the delay so help me add to that PROs list and tell me how I will be able to capitalize on the race delay!

Now that's a cool friend

Congratulations to the many racers who were able to get out this weekend a Killed in their races!
Did I miss your race report?  Link me so I make sure I catch it.


  1. Definitely sounds like the smart & safe decision was made, although it certainly adds some "twists" to your plans. Hopefully you can work things out and your tailbone will thank you!

    As for another ultra 2 weeks later... well, we will deal with that after this one. :)

  2. I was cheering for air I guess this weekend...or perhaps snowflakes!! :). Sorry the race was postponed, but I think it was wise and this will give you time to get that tailbone healed better. You are strong and determined and I know you will have no problems between the 2 weeks of racing. Just rest up A LOT and this will make your legs strong for race #2. :)


  3. Crazy to have a race postponed, but probably the best in the end. You're body is so well conditioned that you'll be able to handle the shorter time span between races, imho. And wow--that's some serious snow!

  4. I almost had a hard attack thinking you were going to say they moved Stone Mill up. Sorry to hear that, but at least you got a good weekend with your family! I ran the MCM this weekend - crazy race!

  5. Well, I'm secretly happy that your tailbone has one more week. You'll be mentally ready. You're a tough cookie! How else were we going to get you to cut your mileage back to let that tailbone heal?????