Daily Chatter

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Can you catch Peacefulness?

The past two evening I have been able to get outside for my run.  It has been glorious.  Monday evening I did my 9.5+ mile loop.  I had gotten out of the habit of running this route due to the number of long grades, i.e., laziness.  So when I ran it Monday evening it was a mental game to get myself in a place where I could just relax and allow my body to do what I know it can.  I kept over thinking my form and foot placement.  I was mentally acting as if I was running last 10 miles of a distance event when every little ache or pain is brought to the front of your mind like an annoying song you can't shake.

But somewhere around 25 minutes into my run I started to notice I wasn't thinking about running anymore.  My mind wandered through thoughts of my day.  I noticed that a majestic old tree had finally succumbed to age and been partially blown down.  I thought about how I would handle the obstacles during the Tough Mudder this Sunday.  I actually planned what I would make for supper!  What I didn't think about was the fact that I was running.  And that's how running is for me when I am doing it right! 

After this wonderful run was over and the evening routine with the kids completed we had fish, noodles and veggies in case you are wondering I took a few minutes to stalk my online friends on Facebook.
Let me start by admitting, I am slightly in love with Scott Jurek.  His laid back attitude is enviable and when I grow up I hope I am a bit more like him.  He had posted a link about Alex Honnold's solo of Half Dome HERE
Click it.  You won't regret it! 
I'm sorry Scott but I think I might have a new crush. 
In the interview Alex was explaining how his climbing is for him.  Alex talked about how his climbing is not a rush but a calming, relaxing event.  Immediately I thought that those words explained how running especially distance running is for me. 
Whether I am cruising through a forest trail or pushing a jogging stroller along a rural road my running is not about catching an adrenaline high it's about chasing down a peacefulness in the hopes that one day I'll get a strong enough grasp to hold on.
Do you run for the high, the calming effect or for something completely different?


  1. The freedom I feel and the bonding with my (furry) boy that never gets old. Watching him bounce around the trails brings me a joy that is unexplainable. ;)

  2. I run for the peace it brings me....Glad you found your moment.

  3. I run for the peace I want... I don't always get it because truthfully, I am not ready to receive it... be I crave it!

  4. I like both ends of the spectrum. Normally, I run for the peaceful feeling, but sometimes a group run leaves me feeling energized and "up". I love that running can meet both needs!

  5. I run for quiet time. I run for companionship. I run for fitness and health. I run to get out of the house. I run because it makes me feel good.