Daily Chatter

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A day in my life...

My day began with the unusual ability of sleeping until 5:30 when the little guy who was snuggled in my bed decided to need just a little more room in the bed.  Since I was awake anyway I got up like all moms and enjoyed potentially my only visit to the bathroom without an audience.  But it wasn't long before LBM realized he was alone and called for me to come back to bed.  This is my favorite time of day whether I am getting in a morning workout or getting to watch my little sleep, I love the early morning when the house is quiet and I am the only one awake.  

But before I knew it the alarm is about to go off and I had to get S'ghetti girl moving.  This is a process.  While I am getting myself ready for a day of work I repeatedly go back into her bed room to make sure she is actually vertical.  It's not always a friendly process even though I try to ease her into the morning, she doesn't always appreciate the welcome. 

After the bus takes S'ghetti girl off to fifth grade, LBM and I are on our way to his pre-school/sitter and I am off to work.  I rarely eat breakfast before work a bad habit from years of typically having killed my appetite by running in the morning, I grab coffee for a boost.  It's one of those little indulgences that somehow makes the coffee taste a bit better than if I made it at home.

Today work was, well work until I stepped outside and saw this little critter.  It was just the thing to distract from my tedious pile of work.  I enjoyed a few moments outside watching the praying mantis and breathing in the fall day.
At 5 o'clock I was set free and headed to pick up the kids and attend to my next daily privilege, my evening run.  With no Oldest son to help out this evening and a grouchy LBM, I hit the treadmill knowing I had a double digit run to put in.  With the younger kids flitting around as I ran listening to a movie as the miles flowed by I knew that I might have found my second favorite part of my day.  It wasn't exactly the run it's self but the ability to be watching the kids go about playing happily.
But then I realized, I didn't yet know what I was making for dinner?


  1. I have too many of those "What's for dinner?" at 6pm nights, so need to get out of that rut (am doing better the past two weeks!). Looks like quite the exciting day! Much like mine! :)

  2. Oh boy...my worry is never what I'm going to actually make for dinner...I'm usually just worried if there is anything in the fridge I can grab and offer up as something that might resemble dinner. I'm so NOT a cook.

    My daughter wants a pet praying mantis SO badly for her bug habitat.

  3. LOL! I think you just described one of my days perfectly. I totally get you on that running bliss while watching the kids play. I never thought I would love running so much with Sesame Street on and dolls being pulled out of every nook and cranny. But darn, it bugs me when I forget to make those dinner plans! Some nights it ends up being just sandwiches.

  4. Thankfully, my husband is responsible for dinner, so I always ask him: What's for dinner?