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Friday, October 28, 2011

Fire on the Mountain Trail 50k ~ Goals

Hoping the water on the FOTM course is not quite this high!

With the Tough Mudder Virginia still ever present in my mind and on my backside it's been a challenge to get my mind around the fact that my 32 mile "training run" this Sunday is the Fire on the Mountain Trail 50k
You can read about last year's race HERE
But I know that even though this is a run to prepare me for the Stone Mill 50 Miler on November 19th, it is still a race that I would love to improve my performance at so keeping both those things in mind I give you my FOTM Goals for 2011.

 My I FINISHED goal:
To arrive on time. To start. To finish.

The race has a 9 hour cut off.  I was fortunate enough to get to do two 16 mile runs on the course.  Unfortunately I did the same 16 mile leg twice, the end.  Leaving the most technical and dangerous section "unpracticed" since last year.  I hope to run a smart race in that I want to run the last 16 faster than I run the first 16 given my practice that could happen.
My I CAN goal:
Finish within 32 minutes of previous course time.  Last year I ran this race in 6:32 minutes. 
I won the female master's division. 

I say 32 minutes because that is the distance of this course in minutes. I figure I can finish within 32 minutes either side of my previous time. Barring not falling on my very painful tail bone or having it cause me problems during the run.

My I LOVE IT goal:
A new distance PR.

Since trail ultras are not exact distances. RDs like to say their course is at least 50k, a new PR would be more about average pace than finishing time but with a 50k PR (time) of 6:06 I'd love to crush that on Sunday.  And retaining my master's title would ice the cake.
My I DREAM IT goal: Under 6 hours.
I know anything is possible.  Even with 539 days of running.  Even with a broken tail bone.  Even if this isn't the A race.  Even if I don't have the best day of running.  I still could achieve this goal.  I still could amaze myself at what God can do with the body and mind He has given me.  I pray Sunday is one of those days when I am yet again the vessel through which He does something amazing!

The only other I could pray for is to have that thought that has been with me so much lately stay with me as I run across that finish line and throw my log onto the bonfire!

I pray this year that I see those flames and think;
What else does He have in store for me?

Need a prayer for your weekend race or long run?  Maybe you just need a little prayer lift?
I'll be praying through my run and would love to add you to my prayer band.
Just let me know!


  1. be careful on that tailbone, girl. Ouch!!!

    Good luck on on the trails - be safe, have fun, smile through the finish! I will be thinking of you.

  2. I hope your tail bone treats you well! Remember to pack a donut pillow for the car ride home!

    You are capable of greatness!

  3. YAY!!! IT is TIME to shine!! You can do it....I'm looking at your pick on your sidebar of your Full Run and how BA you look...you got this girl!!! Listen for me cheering you on, ok? I know I saw that every race, but I really am cheering for you! Have a blast!

  4. Wow is it a year already??
    So excited for you! Good luck, be careful, most of all have fun! You've totally got this one!

  5. you will be in my thoughts and prayers for an amazing race!! I love your distance runs it makes me feel like my long runs are nothing :)

  6. Wow - so amazing!!! I will be thinking of you as I run my marathon on Sunday! Have a wonderful race!!

  7. You have been training strong - you can do it! Good luck!