Daily Chatter

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A band of Hippies

Day # 527

Does she ever stop taking pictures?

The Big kid decided to get serious with his girlfriend, the future Vet and bringing her to VA for a short weekend visit.  Since super secret spy husband had to save the world, the visit wasn't the best timing but we still made sure to make her feel welcome.  That's right as soon as she arrived she was helping with chores.  She is such a nice girl she didn't complain at all but jumped right in to help.

Bring me a glass of milk!

We refueled at Panera Beard.  Super secret spy hubbs joined us to chat and get to know the future Vet a little better.  Although it is still a little like pulling teeth to get her to talk, we all enjoyed the brief visit.  Can you remember that nervousness in meeting a boyfriend or your husband's parents for the first time?

Don't take my photo!  My hairs not done.

LBM is beyond needing a haircut.  I have put it off even with a niece who is a beautician because it is always a traumatic event for him when it happens.  But he is starting to look like a bit more like a daughter than a son so I know I'll have to medicate myself knuckle down and get it down with week.  I knew after all the sugar from our Panera Beard visit I would never get him to sit still for it. 

I'm gearing up for round two.

I underestimated sugar crash and should have cut his hair while he napped in the jogger.  Instead I grabbed a few more miles and tried to figure out what our team, of two guys and two girls should dress like for the Tough Mudder this coming weekend.  For some reason a band of hippies keeps coming to mind.

Ideas?  Any one else doing the VA Tough Mudder on Sunday?


  1. My kids NEVER passed out like that unless they were in their own bed! What a funny/cute picture :-)

  2. 6 yrs later, I am still nervous around my in-laws!

  3. My daughter is painfully shy and I know her last boyfriend's parents thought that she didn't like them. When she did. She's not good around adults.

  4. Oh, but the army son's girlfriend is VERY cute! :)

  5. Hippies sounds like a fun idea!! The first time I met my future in-laws, my husband and I hit a deer with our car on the drive over. Talk about making an entrance, with deer parts all over the dashboard!