Daily Chatter

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Other Coast ~ Day Two

With too much to share in words I'll let the photos do most the talking.

We enjoyed the beautiful homes and scenery along 17 mile drive.

We enjoyed getting in and out of a car without having to undo a car seat.
no really, we did.  It was amazing.

Having Hubbs suggest an impromptu hike was awesome.

The nature nut in me was fascinated with every little detail around us.

Hubbs on the other hand was a bit more excited about all the golf courses.

This was the most amazing place ever.  Pebble beach. 
The fact that people didn't knock over the stacks rocks was fascinated me!

Nothing like the beaches I'm used to.  Raw beauty.

This photo does not do justice to the colors in the water.

I love that nature finds a way.

I admit that I over eat.  every.single.day

I thought of the kids all the time.
S'ghetti girl would have loved this.

We even saw the local school having a parade/pep rally.

Another yummy opportunity to exercise my taste buds.

We had wanted to do some serious hiking but underestimated our interest elsewhere and ran out of time.  We ended up stopping at Fort Ord Public Lands.

Of course it was a great opportunity to get in a few real trail miles.
Well, west coast trail miles.

I couldn't believe the day was going to end.  We had enjoyed such a great day!
But tomorrow I was planning to finally meet Katie (her blog).  She is a fabulous person who is doing amazing things with her running.  Followed by a hike with Ewa  and meeting JoLynn
Only meeting such great people could possibly top the day I had just enjoyed....
...but as in all trips, the course often gets a little technical at times.


  1. Love the west coast. Looks like a fabulous trip and I am SO jealous that you get to meet Ewa tomorrow!

  2. Looks like another great day! Must have been so nice having some time (and FREEDOM) with just the two of you.

    YAY to meeting bloggies up next!

  3. One day you'll have to go back and do the Big Sur Marathon....I think it would be right up your alley! Let me know when, I'd love to go back and do it again! :)

  4. OK, if you and Jill come to do Big Sur Marathon, I will sign up too.

  5. My husband and I leave tomorrow for Tennessee. I'm nervous to leave my kids, but excited for some time together. The flying across country??? Not so excited about. Glad you had a wonderful trip!

  6. Lovely photos! Thanks for sharing. Reading blogs has shown me so much of your country. I can't wait to get there one day for some cool race and then of course meeting some amazing bloggers.

  7. I have one of those jelly fish glass thingies. Love it! Looks like a nice location.

  8. I'm glad you liked my coast! Pebble Beach is gorgeous, Keith and I have been there (yes, on the golf course) a number of times. I never tire of it. ;)