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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Champion Bio Fleece Review

Just changed in the middle of a field.  Gotta love getting back to nature!

After the Tough Mudder Virginia our team was celebrating our accomplishment.  Covered in sweat, mud and fifthly water we took in the festivities of the "after party."  Quickly however our adrenaline wore off and we were all shivering despite our space blankets. 
One major complaint about the Tough Mudder experience no not the tail bone again would be the drop bag system.  We waited shivering for about 40 minutes and heard we got lucky in only waiting that long.  I couldn't wait to get into some warm and dry!
What I had waiting for me was my Champion Eco Fleece pants and zip up.  I already knew from having worn them around the bon fire in VA on the cooler weekend evenings and snuggling with the kids after my runs that this was my new go-to for cool weather warming!  An easy outfit to throw on this fall after my run or when running into the grocery store.  Or after 9.8 miles of playing in the mud.  Knowing they wash up great time and time again without looking fading or pilling.
S'ghetti girl even swiped the sweatshirt for herself after I explained that even though Eco Fleece was made from recycled plastic water bottles, the materials is super soft! 

My only complaint as a 5'2" person, would be as with many full length bottoms the pants are very long.  I wish there were options to shorter people.  After a date with my scissors and sewing machine these pants will be getting a lot of use throughout the fall and winter in my home.  
Feeling that chill in the air?  Hop over to Champion to try out Eco Fleece for yourself and help keep 5 million plastic bottles out of the landfills!

I was provided with these items free of charge however my opinions are my own.  But you're gonna think they are super soft too!


  1. These sound super cozy! Enjoy snuggling in them after the 50K. And good luck. I know you will do amazing because YOU are amazing!

  2. NOTHING better than super soft and warm fleece when you're cold after a run or race! Great review!