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Friday, October 7, 2011

How'd September Go? (And Winners)

September 2011

Monthly Miles Ran: 245.7 (Year total: 2216.40)
Highest Mileage Week: 09/5 - 09/11 (DM Weeks) 68 miles

Rest Days Taken: 0

The Streak: September 30st was Day # 509 of the streak ~ 4067.9 miles,
692 Runs ~ ave. 8 miles per day/ 55.95 miles per week

None. So sad.
Current Shame-Inducing Guilty Pleasure:  
Eating out way too often.

Non-food Current Shame-Inducing Guilty Pleasure: 
Swimming in the way too cold pool.
I just love using the pool as my "icing" after running in VA.  It will have to end soon.

Which Outfit did I Wear the Most:

What We Are Watching:

With the Kiddos:  Still watching Veggie Tales.
We have a lot of them!
My Viewing
My Run and
Robin Hood
with Russell Crowe
Funniest/Best Kid Quote:
"My homeworks is all done!"  spoken most every night by S'ghetti Girl
She is the homework rock star!
Current Triumph:

Hitting 500+ days on my streak

Current Goals

Making this a bigger priority
Lose this freakin' 15 pounds

Maintain a 50 - 65 mile week base
to prepare for another round trail 50ks,
A Tough Mudder with Hubbs
and another 50 miler in November

To lose 15+ pounds
will this ever happen?

Current Blessing:

Every single day in my life. A gift.
Both those few days in CA to spend time with just Hubbs were needed.

Current Excitement:
Family: a Few days on the West Coast with Hubbs - without the kiddos
those days are still fresh in my mind.

Blogging:  Got to meet Katie in real life.  Amazing person.

Running/Fitness: Having races (oh yeah plural!) to look forward to again.

Current Concern:

Personal: Eating out TOO much

Running: Not being anywhere near a comfortable race weight.
And having a 10k tomorrow.  It might not be pretty.

How did your September days add up?

It took a long time to tabulate all the entries
(19 eliminating Miss Zippy's at her request)
on my My Run giveaway post but I finally got it done.
Thanks to Random.org

# 10 Julie at Adventure Is Out There is the lucky winner
I always think of Mr. Fredrickson from Up

# 19 Jeff at Detroit Runner is the other lucky winner

Each of you will soon be snuggled on the coach or sweating on the treadmill watching the amazing story of Terry Hitchcock and his 75 marathons in 75 days.


  1. I have a feeling you'll do just fine at the 10K tomorrow! Good luck!

  2. Awesome way to wrap up a month. I love that you incorporate your life into it and think it could help in my overall analysis!

    You are going to rock the 10K!

  3. Congrats to the winners! My September sucked running wise but was awesome in so many other ways so it evens out.
    I didn't realize you're CA trip was child free. How nice!
    I know that heel strike stock photo is the pits!

  4. Congrats on a wonderful month. Happy October to you. And good luck with the weight loss. Autumn is not an easy time of year for that. I think we are programmed for hibernation, read, storing as much fat as possible no matter what we eat.

  5. What a fantastic September! YAY!!!

    I remember when I was whining about my weight and you sent me and email and told me: control the things you can control!! I think about it often as I fight my way back down to racing weight. It is so hard, but I am slowly getting there. I know you can do it! (eating out is the worst weight gainer. grrrr).

    Godo luck with the 10k!!

  6. so nice to catch up with you again to find your streak is still alive and going so well. I dropped 14 lbs this summer by using my fitness pal to track calories and Supreme 90 day workouts, in addition to my running. Check out my current blog if your interested in more info about it. I just blogged about the results.